How to Plan First Birthday Party for Your Child on a Budget

1st birthday party is one of the most special moments for parents. It is not just a fun time but an occasion charged with emotions. If you are planning to throw first birthday party for your little boy, girls or twin babies then having 1st birthday party ideas on a budget is a wise thing. This post brings you the best of the tips on 1st birthday party ideas in India for summers and winters but with a budget to help you make the most out of the resources you have.

With useful 1st birthday party checklist, you can plan a wonderful celebration for your baby to make his or her very first birthday best in every sense. Read on and follow these amazing tips for a budgeted birthday party celebrations without compromising on the fun element.

Picking 1st Birthday Party Location

1st Birthday Party Location
Let us begin with selecting the baby birthday party place. Going with 1st birthday party venues near me always make things a lot simpler. Kids birthday party location ideas include a restaurant near your house, a garden in the vicinity, a beach side or you can every have backyard of your home as the 1st birthday party place for boys and girls. These are some of the budgeted locations to take your one year old for her birthday.

Picking First Birthday Party Theme

Kids First Birthday Party Theme

Unique first birthday party themes for boys and girls add on to the fun element on this special occasion. Blue, cars, superheroes are some of the interesting choices for theme based birthday parties for boys. Likewise, balloons, princess, Barbie, pink are some very popular themes to have for your baby girl’s special day.

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Go With Semi- Homemade Cake

Birthday party Homemade Cake

1st birthday cakes for boys and girls need not to be ordered from a bakery. Because you have limited guests on the list, you can comfortable prepare semi-homemade cakes, birthday cupcakes, first birthday party cakes for cake smash sessions at home. Browse through simple first birthday cake recipes to create delicious and hassle-free cakes that don’t require many skills and will be loved by your guests.

Creative Budgeted Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for innovative and interesting 1st birthday decorations ideas at home then balloons and ribbons are one of the best decorations to have. You can either have these birthday party decorations in single color to go by the theme or you can pick for a multi-colored concept to decorate your space with vibrant colors. And not to forget, kids love balloons.

Unique 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Unique Kids 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Thanks to technology, you can now go for online birthday invitations. With free birthday invitation card maker, you can have custom made invitation designed for the occasion. Just select the birthday party invitation template and personalize it with a message and other details about the party like venue, date and time and send it through email or other social networking platforms to your guests. It’s damn simple and doesn’t even cost anything.

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Pretty Kids Birthday Outfit Ideas for Boys and Girls

Kids Birthday Outfit Ideas Boys and Girls

Dress up your little girl in special 1st birthday princess dresses like tutu frocks and skirts. Cute and adorable baby boy first birthday outfit ideas include smart rompers, formal suit, apparels with Mickey Mouse or any other cartoon he loves. Do not pick anything way too expensive for the first birthday as soon your baby will not fit in this dress.

1st Birthday Party Food Menu Ideas

1st Birthday Party Food Menu Ideas

Stay sorted with easy birthday party foods like sandwiches, finger foods, juices, fruits, muffins, ice-creams and various other quick snacks. For a budgeted first birthday food menu, go with articles that are readily available and simple to cook so that you can easily make them home without investing too much of your time, money and energy.

1st Birthday Party Games

1st Birthday Party Games

For entertainment and fun, you must have some 1st birthday party games for all ages. Perfect budget party games for children are those which don’t require much spending. Try games like musical chair, passing the parcel and some creative craft activities that are simple to organize and don’t require anything special to purchase.

Best Birthday Party Favors

Best Birthday Party Favors

If you are looking for creative birthday gifts between 20 to 50 rupees then you can buy them online. Websites offer amazing range of party favors under Rs. 50 which are just perfect. You can select them as per your budget without having to go out and spend hours in the market.

Don’t Miss on a Photographer

Kids birthday party Photographer

Hiring a professional can cost you a lot of money but asking your friend or cousin who is good at clicking, to take some good pictures is surely a much better idea to save on your money and still have the memories captured beautifully.

Get the best of the Ideas For Your baby boy 1st Birthday Party.

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