15 Fun Games for kids Birthday Party at Home India

Birthday Party Games for Kids at Home

If you want to make your kid’s birthday party a hit amongst his friends then make sure that you pick the best Birthday Party Games for Kids. Games are really important and therefore, you must be very careful in having the most fun Birthday Party Activities for kids which not only keep them engaged but also add to their entertainment quotient.

In this post, we have come up with the collection of Kids Indoor Birthday Party Games which make the best of Children’s Birthday Party Games at home to have for the little guests. These are the most amazing birthday party games for kids of all ages to keep your guests entertained.

Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail Party Games

In this game, you have to have a tail as a prop. Draw a donkey on a large sheet of paper and now ask the children one by one to pin the tail to the donkey. But while doing that the children will be blindfolded and then they have to pin the tail. The winner would be the one who would be able to pin the tail right or closest to the correct place.


Charade kids Birthday Party Games

We all have played this game and it makes one of the most loved games for birthday party at home in India. In this game, create groups of at least two people depending upon the numbers of guest. One the team members will be given the name of a movie and he is supposed to enact that movie’s name to other team members. He cannot speak and the other team members have to guess the name.

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pictionary kids Birthday Party Game

It is another interesting indoor birthday party game for kids which is very similar to charades but here the word or the theme or the movie has to be drawn on a board so that the other members can see it and guess it.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie game

This game is quite simple and is just what its name says. In this game, each participant has to tell two truths about him and a lie and the other people will have to guess which one is the lie and which is the truth. This game helps in knowing better the other participants.

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Passing the Parcel

Passing the Parcel party geme

Make this conventional game all the more fun by taking a gift and wrapping it in lots of layers of paper. Keep as many layers of paper as the number of participants. Now as the music will start to play, the parcel will be passed and when the music stops, the participant with the parcel with take out one outermost layer of the gift and game will continue. The participant who gets to remove the last layer of paper gets the gift.

Spoon and Marble Race

Spoon and Marble Race Birthday Game for kids

Give each of the children a spoon and a marble. In this race, they have to hold the spoon in their mouth with the marble. Hands will be folded on the back side and the participants will have to run holding the spoon with the marble towards the finishing line to win this race.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Children Game

In this game, you will have to design a treasure hunt in which you can hide different kinds of small gifts at different parts of the houses and the children are supposed to find them. Those who find the gift get to keep the gift and have a fun hunt.

Memory Game

Memory Game

In this game, place lots of small every day objects in a tray and show it to the children for around 30 seconds. Now remove the tray and give the participants one minute to write as many objects as they can remember from the ones placed in the tray. This is going to be a memory testing game for them and the one who is able to write maximum correct items will win the game.

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Sack Race

Sack Race party game

This is another fun game for birthday party for kids in which you can give each kid a sack and ask them to put their legs inside it. Now they have to reach the finishing line by hopping as they hold the sack in their hands.

Three Legged Race

Three Legged Race

This is yet another interesting race in which you will have to make partners. Now make the partners stand next to each other and tie their two adjacent legs together. The race requires them to use their three legs to run and reach the finishing line. This certainly would demand a good coordination between the two.

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance

Let some music play and let the kids dance free and happy. The only rule of this game is that everyone is supposed to freeze as the music stops and stay in that position only until the music starts again. The one who is able to keep the position on till the last is going to win this game.

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Hula Hoop Game

Hula Hoop Game for kids

Give each of the participant a hula hoop and ask them to keep spinning it. The rule is that no one is supposed to let the hoop touch the ground. The one who is able to have the hoop spinning without falling is the one who is going to win this game.

Simon Says

Simon Says Games

Keep the going with this game. The kids are supposed to follow the one who is going to lead the game by saying Simon says and do some action. The kids are supposed to repeat that action. Whosoever is not able to do that action right is going to go out of the game.

Shoebox Race

Shoebox Race Party games

For this race, you will need lots of shoe boxes with a slip on top of it for the kids to comfortably insert their feet in it. Now wearing these shoeboxes as shoes, kids are required to race and reach the finishing line and wine the game.

Pass the Balloon

Pass the Balloon for birthday party kids

It is a very simple but truly a fun game in which children are made to sit in a circle. Now they are required to pass the balloon from one to another in a random way. The kid who is unable to catch the balloon and pass it is going to go out of the game.

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