Unique Gifts ideas for Baby’s First Birthday Boys and Girls

baby first birthday gifts, 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Are you looking for interesting and attractive first birthday gifts for babies? Well we bring to a sorted guide on the top 10 best first birthday gift ideas for babies in India. The article features a range of unique gifts for kids celebrating their first birthday. Find out about these personalized favors for little kids that can add a beautiful smile to their face.

Factors to Consider When Buying Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Olds

While buying kids birthday party gifts for one year old’s, it is important keep in mind the following points to make sure that you pick the perfect first birthday gift for baby:

  • Material: Make sure that you go with toys that are made using high quality material. Go with toys made using non toxic and BPA friendly materials so that they don’t harm the babies. Look for toys made with sturdy and durable materials so that they can stand rough handling.
  • Multisensory: It is always good to go with toys that support cognitive development, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. These kind of toys that support development are a fantastic pick for 1st birthday gift for girl and 1st birthday gift for boy.
  • Safety: Make sure that the toys you are buying do not have any shar edges and meet the safety standards so that the safety of your child is not compromised.
  • First Birthday Party Dress: You can even shop for first birthday outfit for boy or girl as it makes another interesting first birthday gift for the baby.

Unique & Creative Kids Birthday Return Gifts ideas

1st Birthday Gift ideas for Daughter and Son from Parents

We have come up with a complete list of 1st birthday gift ideas for parents to gift something special to their daughters and sons as the complete one of the most important milestones as they turn one year old. Make their 1st birthday party for kids a beautiful memory with these gifts.

1. Colorful Eating Utensils

It’s the perfect time to gift a cute set of eating utensils as a special birthday gift on the first year celebrations as it is the time when the baby will learn to eat on his own. To make his meal sessions more vibrant and interesting, gift a special gift set consisting of eating bowl with a mug and spoon. This will motivate the kid to have his meals on his own and enjoy them with greater zeal.

2. Building Blocks

Building blocks are the most preferred gifts on the first birthday. Young babies enjoy arranging blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors to create a new figure. This is also very effective in enhancing their learning abilities. Kids enjoy their play sessions with these building blocks which play an important role in learning. This is surely one of the most popular baby gifts in India.

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3. Personalized First Year Photo Frame

Capture the most precious memories of your little toddler in a personalized picture frame. Place the best pictures of his growing days and make it a special gift for the baby which will be a unique gift for the lifetime. Add a personal touch to make it the best gift ever by capturing the first year of his life in a photo frame. This favor will be cherished by him forever. This is surely a great idea to wrap up memories in the most amazing manner.

4. Baby Clothing For First Birthday

There are amazing sets of baby clothing to be gifted on the first birthday. You can find the most amazing pairs of clothing for young kids and toddlers in India in different price range. From t-shirts to shorts, pajamas, shoes, caps etc. there is a big variety to choose from. You can create your own assortment or even purchase the combo packs of baby clothes which are available in cute prints and patterns for little boys and girls.

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5. Baby Cosmetics

Baby shampoos, baby face creams, baby oils etc. from some of the most popular brands in India also work as an attractive first birthday gift idea. You can gift an assortment of baby cosmetics which comes with great utility for toddlers. Indian markets are loaded with the best of the options to choose from. Wrap up healthy skin creams and tender soaps and shampoos for a happy and healthy bathing experience.

6. Wooden Puzzle

Wooden puzzles help in the faster growth and thinking ability of a child. This is a beautiful idea for the first birthday gift for a baby. Make learning more interesting and fun for him by letting him enjoy setting the puzzle. There are various colorful puzzles with vegetable, fruits and animals that induce good learning habits.

7. Saving Bonds

Traditionally, many people think that investments last for life and they do. So gifting savings bond is a unique and special gift idea on the first birthday. These can be used later in life when needed along with greater returns. Depending upon the amount of money you want to invest, you can select the bonds depending upon their interest rates to that more returns can be enjoyed.

8. Books for Children

Books are the best way to make the baby learn. From picture story books to alphabet books and counting books, there is a wide range of books which can work as amazing birthday gift options for babies turning a year old. This is a great way to inculcate learning habits amongst children. Shop for different kinds of picture books for kids in India which will be their first step towards learning.

9. Baby Toys

There is a vivacious variety of toys which can be shopped for babies. Kids love to play with toys and Indian markets are loaded with some of the most exciting toys which can bring a smile to their face. You can present an entertaining and attractive piece of toy to the toddlers who are turning one year old and make their birthday more special by gifting them unique toys. You can even go for gender specific toys.

10. Baby Walker

You can make the growing years of the baby more fun by gifting him a walker. There are various kinds of walkers in the market which come fitted with small toys which make learning walking more interesting and entertaining for toddlers. This is one of the most thoughtful first birthday gift for the baby.

These are some of the most amazing birthday gifts ideas on the very first birthday. Whether you are looking for a present for your baby or you are looking for a favor for someone else’s baby, in both the cases the ideas discussed above turn out to be a big hit.

Experiences for Family Bonding as 1st Birthday Present Ideas for Daughter and Son

Nurture the bond of love you have for your daughter and son with these beautiful and unique gifts for baby’s first birthday that are too sweet to miss on.

  • Gift a holiday: You can always take your daughter or son out for a holiday on their first birthday to create some beautiful memories together.
  • Photo Album: It is another amazing idea to create a photo album which captures the most beautiful and fun times with your child. You can have the pictures of your child with all the family members.
  • Photo Frame: Don’t miss on the chance of having a big photo frame with the pictures of your baby with grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents and lots of other people put together in order to celebrate this day in a very special way.

These are some interesting ideas to fill their birthdays with love by nurturing the bond of love you share with them.

Personalised 1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter and Son

If you don’t want anything regular for your little sweetheart then you can always go for personalized gifts for baby’s first birthday for boys and girls as they will always help you make the celebrations all the more memorable.

  1. Personalized story books: You can have personalized story books crafted for your little ones as per their interest and liking and they are going to enjoy reading it each and every day.
  2. Personalized piece of clothing: Go with personalized onesies, t- shirts or any other kind of clothing in order to celebrate their birthday with personalized presents.
  3. Personalized towels: It is an interesting thing to have some custom made towels ordered for your babies as they make unique first birthday gift ideas.

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