Best Return Gifts Ideas for Baby Birthday in India

Return Gifts Ideas for Baby Birthday

Almost all parents in India love celebrating their child’s birthday with prom and gander and it comes with a lot of planning. Because other than catering, food and decoration; you have to also plan for birthday party return gifts. Since it your baby’s birthday, there’s got to be tiny tots everywhere. There is this new tread of Birthday Return Gifts for kids catching wild fire these days. The idea of birthday return gifts for kids is to make the celebrations special for your child and memorable for the little guests.

In this post, we bring to you a list of the best possible return gift for your baby’s friends to hold their smile high in the birthday bash you throw along with the tips to select the return gifts.

Tips to Select Return Gifts for a Baby’s First Birthday Party

Keep in mind these tips while selecting return gifts for baby’s first birthday party:

  1. Always keep in mind the age group for which you are buying the return gift.
  2. Keep in mind the theme of the birthday celebrations and make sure that you buy the return gifts in accordance with the party.
  3. Keep in mind the usage and practicality of the gift that you are planning to buy. Always go with something that is useful and helps the children in some way.
  4. It is important to keep in mind the budget of the return gifts and don’t go overboard. Set you budget limitations and buy the gift accordingly.

Unique Return Gift Ideas for Kids in India

  • Personalized gifts look cool and different and make a unique return gift idea for birthday. You may opt for unique return gift ideas for baby boys and girls such as customized hand towels, photo frames, mugs etc. They are easily available for ordering in online baby shopping stores in India.
  • If you want to go academic, a good return gift idea will be painting books or story books with crayons and coloring sets. They are a fantastic budget birthday party ideas to have.
  • If you want to go for out of the box items ideas can be piggy banks with cute smiley, scrapbooks or little albums. It will be ideal for all age groups and you can have them for child first birthday party.
  • For baby girls you may consider gifting their favorite barbie girl accessories and spiderman, pokemon accessories for baby boys. These are awesome return gift ideas for 1st birthday girl and boys.
  • Another great baby return gift idea will be to gift tiffin boxes filled with chocolates or toffees. It’s no secret that children like chocolates. You can use these return gift ideas for 1st birthday boys and girls
  • In this technological gadget era, kids (especially boys) will simply love you for gifting headphones, gadgets, game cds etc. and make interesting return gifts for kids birthday party.
  • If you want to teach kids the essence of nature you may gift them small indoor plants in lovely colored pots. This environment friendly gift will make them take care of the plant and help them grow up as nature lovers. They even make unique return gift ideas for 1st birthday for adults
  • There are also various online baby shopping sites that help you in the section of return gifts in your kid’s birthday party. One of such site is where you will be exposed to a plethora of baby products and gift sets at the best price to please the little angels.

These were some of the return gift ideas for your baby’s birthday you may adopt. Use these interesting return gift ideas for toddler birthday party. Happy pre-preplanning and a great birthday bash!

Personalized Return Gift ideas for a Children’s Birthday Party

Make the birthday celebrations all the more fun with personalized return gift ideas. Go with interesting and special customized return gifts to make the children’s birthday party fun and memorable.

Personalized Baby Onesies: Personalizsed baby romper make super adorable unique return gift ideas for birthday. Make the first birthday of your little one extra special by gifting personalized baby onesies to the guests. You can have their names or initials printed on the onesies.

Customized Story Books: You can even go with customized story books for your child’s first birthday party. Make the birthday celebrations super fun with these unique return gift ideas for birthday.

Name Engraved Stationery: You can also go with name engraved stationery for the little guests. You can have the pencil boxes, pencils, pens or notebooks with the names of the guests printed on them. This is certainly a fantastic return gift idea for toddler birthday party celebrations.

Personalized Water Bottles: Have the little faces smiling with their names engraved on the water bottles and this is certainly going to be a fun return gift idea for birthday party.

Final Thoughts

It can get really difficult to find the right return gift for a birthday party but you have the right ideas to follow, you can certainly have the little guests happy with the return gifts. There are all kinds of return gifts in the market but it is very important to know what you are looking for, what your budget is in order to find the perfect return gift.

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