How to Plan a First Birthday Party for Your Child

Planning 1st birthday party Ideas, Child first birthday

It’s your child’s first birthday…. you are super excited and you are nervous. You have so much to plan but you are clueless from where to start, what to do. You want to make sure that you don’t miss on anything important.

To make things easier for you, we have come up with useful tips to help you plan a perfect first birthday for your child. Read on and follow these tips to make it a memorable one!!!!

Decide on Party Time

The best time to schedule the party is after your baby’s naptime so that by the time the party starts, your little one is fresh and well rested to enjoy it. Make sure that you don’t stretch the party for too long.  Evening time is usually a good time to have a party as your child is up for an afternoon nap and you get complete day to organize the stuff.

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Guest List

The next important thing to decide is the number of guests you wish to invite for the celebrations. From intimate to gala, you can make your pick. This would depend on your preference and also your budget, so take your call. Make sure you list your guests on a paper to avoid any confusion.

Party Venue

Having the party at a private place which is quite and comfortable is the best choice. This would allow the baby to move around so that he doesn’t get irritated with guests around. Avoid congested places to make it a success. If it is a small party and you have decent enough space at home then nothing like it. But if your guest list is long then you will need to book a space outside. It could be a park or a restaurant. This would again depend on the season, party timings and your budget.

Select a Birthday Party Theme

To make the first birthday of your child more special, pick up a theme. There are various themes ranging from animals to balloons, ribbons to cars, dolls to color centric themes. You can opt for themes based on what your child likes. For instance, if your kid is fond of cars then you are sorted. Likewise, if it’s a baby girl and she loves Barbie dolls then you can have a party planned around this as the theme.

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Birthday Cake

It is the first birthday cake and it cannot be something regular. You can have a theme based, customized cake designed for your little one. This would add on to the birthday fun. There is nothing like baking it yourself but make sure that you order it from some bakery to keep things sorted.

Decorations and Supplies

If you want to keep the expenses low then you can keep the decorations simple yet very stylish. There are various DIY decoration ideas which you use to decorate the birthday venue. Balloons, paper ribbons and cut-outs make amazing decorations if used right and don’t even cost much. So be selective in picking your decorations.

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Birthday Party Food Menu

This is another very important thing to have on your mind. Your menu will depend on your guests. If most of your guests are adults then the menu will be designed for them with few dishes for the babies. Include those items on the menu which are healthy and are handy to eat. Be clear on what meal you wish to offer your guests- you want to keep just snacks or you want to serve a proper meal.

Plan the Party Favors

Kids look forward to return gifts and therefore, you just cannot miss on party favors. Depending upon your budget, you can pick the party favors. They can range from simple bath toys for little guests to custom made towels for each one of them. Having a mug printed with their picture is another interesting idea for return gifts. Make sure that you carefully pick these party favors as these are something which every kid and parent would remember.

With these tips, you are good to plan the first birthday celebrations of your little one!!!

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