Host a kid’s Birthday Party During Lockdown

Child birthday party during lockdown, Coronavirus Kids birthday party ideas
kids Birthday Party During Lockdown

So what it is a lockdown, you can always make it a memorable birthday for your kid with some interesting kids birthday party ideas. If you are thinking that this birthday is not going to be as exciting and as fun-filled as you planned it to be for your child then you are wrong because with the beautiful kids birthday party ideas on lockdown, nothing is impossible.

Keep reading to explore the most unique children’s party during lockdown that will always be remembered because we have compiled some seriously fun coronavirus kids birthday party ideas just for you.

Fantastic Coronavirus Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Set Up the Party Mood

Coronavirus Birthday Party Set Up
Coronavirus Birthday Party Set Up

Even if you don’t have the guests at your house, you must create a party atmosphere for your little one.

Decorations are a must

You can use your creativity to decorate the house for your child. Even if you don’t have balloons and other birthday party decorations, you can always go a step ahead and use things that you have in your house to add some spark on the special day.

Bake a cake

A birthday party is incomplete without a cake. You can bake it yourself or you can have it custom made. Considering the situation, children’s party during lockdown is always better with a cake baked at home. Don’t forget to decorate it with chocolates to add extra appeal.

Games and dance

Some unique games are a great idea to add some fun to the child’s birthday special in lockdown. You can google for interesting birthday games or you can also create a playlist of foot-tapping music to make it a dance-filled evening for the birthday kid.

A Birthday Video

Birthday Video during lockdown
Birthday Video during Lockdown

You can always ask your family, friends and neighbours to contribute to the coronavirus kid’s birthday party by asking them to record a video or birthday message which you can surprise your child with as you play it on the bigger screen. Don’t forget to share this lovely video on Facebook or Instagram.

Virtual Birthday Party

Virtual Birthday Party for Kids
Virtual Birthday Party for Kids

You cannot call your friends and family home for a birthday party but you can always host a virtual birthday celebration for your kid. Have all of them wish the birthday kid over a group video call as you can also have the cake cutting at the same time. There are various apps available wherein you can ask everyone to join you for a coronavirus birthday party of your kid.

Involve the Neighbours

Even if we are under a lockdown, we always have our neighbours close to us. You can ask all of them to write Happy Birthday and stand in their balconies or windows at a set time to wish the kid. This birthday party idea for Indian kid doesn’t even defy the social distancing norms and is great fun.

Waste no time and use these interesting ideas for kids birthday parties in lockdown to surprise your kid. Make this day a truly special one with these rocking ideas to make it a fun-filled birthday even if it is a party at home.

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