Unique ideas Child Birthday during Coronavirus Lockdown

Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Lockdown, Coronavirus Child birthday Celebrate
Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Lockdown

Kids are always so excited about their birthday but coronavirus situation has compelled all of us to put the plans on hold. But you can still celebrate your child’s birthday in lockdown and make it a memorable one with some interesting kids birthday party ideas to follow. You have to think out of the box and using the technology and the personal touch you can have the most amazing kids birthday during the coronavirus lockdown.

In this post, we have compiled some of the most interesting coronavirus kids birthday party ideas just for you. Find out what these kids birthday party ideas on lockdown that will make sure that your kid enjoys his special day to the fullest.

Unique ideas for your Child Birthday during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Have a Virtual Birthday Party Celebration

Kids Virtual Birthday Party Celebration lockdown
Kids Virtual Birthday Party Celebration Lockdown

Thanks to technology, we can now connect with our near and dear ones across the globe, at any time of the day. You can use this technology to plan a virtual children’s party during lockdown. You must keep in mind that you keep the guest list short and include all the important people in it so that there is no chaos and your child can have some good time with his favourite people. Set up a time in advance and send out the invites.

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Bake a Cake at Home

Child Birthday Cake at Home lockdown
Child Birthday Cake at Home in Lockdown

We all have been trying our hand on new things to cook during the lockdown. And if you haven’t baked a cake yet, this is the occasion to do it. This time you might not want to order a cake from outside for obvious reasons but you can bake one to have a wonderful birthday party during lockdown. You don’t have anything to worry as you can find so many recipes online.

Decorate the Home

Decorate the Home, Kids Birthday Party lockdown
Birthday Party Decorate the Home

Though no guests are coming but you have all the reasons to decorate the home for your child. It is a wonderful idea to follow a theme which your child likes and set up the house around that theme and your kid is going to love it for sure.

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Connect with Neighbours

Connect with Neighbours Birthday Party Coronavirus lockdown
Connect with Neighbours

You cannot call guests over but you can always make the celebrations memorable with your neighbours for an awesome children’s party during lockdown. You can set up a particular time and ask all the neighbours to bring their children out in the balconies or outside their house to sing “Happy Birthday” song for your child. And when all this happens, don’t forget to record the reactions of your kid.

Family Camping

Family Camping, Birthday Party Lockdown
Family Camping During Lockdown

As you cannot go out, you can always create a camping side in your garden. This is one of the most wonderful kids birthday party ideas on lockdown. Set up a barbeque and set up a camp with all the camping essentials to make it a happy and fun birthday. Don’t forget to dress like you are out for camping and this will always be a beautiful memory to cherish.

Dress Up Fancy

Kids Dress Up Fancy Birthday Party Lockdown
Kids Dress Up Fancy Birthday Party Lockdown

Dressing up fancy around a theme or no theme is one of the most fantastic birthday party ideas for Indian kids. Be it dressing up like a superman or a barbie doll, you can use your creativity and have some awesome pictures clicked in the look you all are going to flaunt.

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Plan a Gift Hunt

Birthday Lockdown Gift Hunt
Birthday Lockdown Gift Hunt

Opening up a gift is boring all the time. This year buy lots of gifts and hide them at different places. Go creative and create clues for your child to solve and look for the present. This is going to be one interesting kids birthday party during lockdown with no guests but with lots of fun to have.

Use any of these birthday party ideas during lockdown to have the most amazing celebrations. Don’t compromise but use these ideas that promise high energies and beautiful celebrations.

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