Host a Virtual Baby Shower in India during Coronavirus

Virtual Baby Shower during Coronavirus in India, Godh Bharai Ideas COVID-19
Virtual Baby Shower During COVID-19/Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Coronavirus is responsible for many events either getting cancelled or postponed and Indian baby shower being one of them. With everyone preferring to stay at home and following the social distancing norms, the best way to have a Godh Bharai function is by having socially distanced baby showers during coronavirus.

Don’t let the enthusiasm and celebrations of your baby shower tone down because of coronavirus pandemic. Because you cannot have your family and friends around you, doesn’t mean you cannot have this important ritual. We have come up with virtual baby shower ideas during COVID that promise a memorable Godh Bharai.

When is Godh Bharai or Baby Shower Done?

The rasam of baby shower is mostly done between completion of seven months of pregnancy and a month before the due date which means it is to be done between the seventh and eighth month of the pregnancy.

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What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

A virtual baby shower is a baby shower that is organized online. It is the traditional baby shower but the only difference is that it is not celebrated in person but it is celebrated online. Just like the conventional baby shower, it is organized with gift opening ceremony, pooja, games and lots of good times with the people you love. Virtual baby shower in India has become quite popular since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Coronavirus India, Virtual Baby Shower, Social distancing
Social Distancing Virtual Baby Shower

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Why Have A Virtual Baby Shower?

It is a good idea to have a virtual Indian baby shower because of various reasons, some of which are:

  • It fulfils the social distancing norms during coronavirus times
  • It helps guests from different parts of the globe connect in times when travelling is disturbed
  • It ensures complete rest for the mom to be
  • It takes into consideration concerns of health of guests as well as mother during COVID-19 times

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How to throw a Perfect Online Baby Shower during Covid

If you are thinking how to make the baby shower a celebration full of fun and high spirits during COVID then here is everything you need to know to have a memorable online Godh Bharai rasam during COVID-19.

Virtual Baby Shower Guests List
Virtual Baby Shower Guests List

Start with Preparing List of Guests

  • Create a list of your family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances you wish to invite for your virtual baby shower.
  • Though it is always better to have your closed ones around but you are always free to have your own list of guests.

Pick the Venue for the Event

  • In a virtual event, the venue selection will be from Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime etc.
  • You must select the online platform which is convenient for everyone to use because not all guests might be tech savvy.
  • Keep in mind the number of guests and the time limit each platform allows to know if you need to buy a subscription for the function.

Set up a Date and Time

  • Fix a date and time for event.
  • Selecting convenient timings on Saturday on Sunday will help you have join everyone without must hassle.

Design Your Baby Shower Event

  • Because it is an online function, you must define the timeline.
  • Depending upon the time duration you have for the meeting, you must divide it into different activities.
  • Allot time for helping out guests with navigation, chit chat session, games, gift opening session and finally thanking everyone for joining.

Pick a Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Theme During COVID-19, Coronavirus
Covid 19 Baby Shower Theme
  • If you wish then you can pick on a theme for your function.
  • You must do it before anything else so that you can have everything coordinated accordingly.

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Virtual Baby Shower Invitations, Design
Online Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

Design and Send Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

  • Work out the baby shower invitations for your guest.
  • There are various free online invitation templates available from which you can pick the one which goes well with your theme.
  • You can even customize them.
  • Share them over WhatsApp, email, Facebook or any other social media platform.
Virtual Baby Shower Decoration Ideas During COVID-19
Virtual Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Ideas for Virtual Baby Shower Decoration

  • You don’t really have to decorate the whole place.
  • What you really need to decorate is your background or at max the room from where you will be having this online session.
  • Little decoration will certainly add on to the occasion

Virtual Baby Shower Games/ Activities

Virtual Baby Shower Games, Coronavirus Baby Shower Activities online
Godh Bharai – Baby Shower Activities Online

Think of some games to keep your guests busy. Select from the interesting games that have been listed below:

  • Guess the baby: Have all the guests send in their childhood pictures. Put them together and have the guests guess who is who.
  • Celebrity baby names: Prepare a list of celebrity baby names and names of the celebrity moms and ask your guests to match them both.
  • Mommy trivia: Design a list of questions about mommy to be and have the guests answer those questions. The one who answers maximum questions correctly wins the game.
  • Guess the price: Place different baby items and ask everyone to guess the price of the product.

Options to Entertain Guests

  • You can hire a Tarot card reader to add an extra entertainment element to your celebrations.
  • You can even have a singer or musician to perform at the Ghod Bharai function.

Opening Gifts

  • If guests have already sent the presents then open them during your event.
  • If guests have bought the gifts then ask them to open them on your behalf.

Thank You Note to Guests

  • Before you end the event, make sure that you thank all your guests.
  • It is even better if you send them personalized thank you notes once the event has ended over email or phone.

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