Indian Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties at Home

If you are planning your baby’s birthday party at home then you surely have a lot to do. Deciding of kids birthday party menu is one of the toughest things you have on your list. You surely desire for a comfortable birthday party menu at home which is not only delicious but is also easy to cook. This post brings amazing Indian birthday food recipes to include in menu for kids birthday party at home. These easy to prepare snacks from vegetarian menu make birthday planning a lot easier.

Have a quick look at these amazing food ideas for kids birthday party that promise to make your party great fun and menu a hit with your little guests. With these choices of Indian food items, you just don’t need to worry about your little one’s birthday party celebrations.

1. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri kids Birthday Party foodA wonderful and delicious Indian snack that is very easy and quick to prepare. Just chop all the vegetables like tomatoes, onions, coriander, potato etc. in advance and prepare this little spicy chaat for children just when you are about to set the table for the little guests.

2. Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada Indian FoodThis is another amazing delight which is prepared using mashed potatoes mixed with soaked saboodana. Add salt and black pepper along with some sugar and lime juice to the mix and fry it into small balls. Serve it with dhaniya chutney and tomato ketchup to surprise kids with this yummy snack which is too good to resist.

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3. Pav Bhaji

All children love this Indian food item. You can comfortably prepare bhaji with all the seasonal vegetables in advance and serve with hot pavs. This is the most popular choice of food in birthday parties as it is filling, nutritious and is favorite of almost all the kids and also adults.

4. Fruit Salad

Fruit SaladThis is a healthy salad which you can prepare by bringing together all the fruits that are loved by children. Just mix them together or plate them together to let kids enjoy have a nutritious snack at the birthday party. If you want you can add some fresh cream as topping on the salad.

5. Mini Sandwiches

Mini SandwichesSandwiches are easy to prepare and you can make them in advance to avoid last minute hurry. From cheese and vegetable grilled sandwiches to simple coleslaw sandwiches, you can prepare them and cut them into small halves which are easy to pick and comfy to eat.

6. Mini Fried Idli

Mini Fried Idli Indian FoodMini idlis are pure delight. You can make the idlis a day in advance and then stir fry them with basic vegetables like carrot, onions, cabbage etc. If you want then you can simply add some masalas and cook them without vegetables. Serve them with green or coconut chutney.

7. Mini Aloo Tikkis

Mini Aloo TikkisJust mash the potatoes and add basic masalas to it. Make them into small patties and shallow fry them on tava. Do this in advance and when you are serving the meal, just press them and add bit of curd and chutneys along with some onions and coriander to serve them hot and spicy.

8. Choley Kulche

Choley Kulche Birthday party foodInstead of bhaturas, you can team up cholas with kulchas. You will just need to prepare spicy choley at home which can of course be made a few hours before the party and you can serve them hot with slightly cooked kulchas. They will again be loved by your baby guests.

9. Veg Pulao with Raita

Veg Pulao with RaitaKids love rice and curd. Prepare vegetable pulao by adding lots of vegetables to make it colorful and tempting. You can serve this with freshly made curd and children are going to eat the meal without making any excuses.

10. Mini Samosas

Mini Samosas Indian menuSamosas are hot favorites. Make them in smaller sizes to make them more attractive for the kids. Keep masalas mild and use potato with peas as filling. This simple but delicious Indian snack will be loved by all the guests no matter what age they are.

These are some of the most sumptuous meals to cook for your baby’s birthday parties. With these Indian snacks, you can do half preparations in prior and serve them hot when you are setting the table for the feast. All of these food items top the charts when it comes to having a perfect meal for little guests.

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