How to Find a First Birthday Dress for Babies in India

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There is nothing more interesting and exciting for a mother than planning and celebrating a baby’s first birthday. You need to design and plan everything keeping in mind your little one’s fashion needs. In a kid’s birthday party, the main focus lies on picking the birthday party dress for your baby girl and baby boy. Every mother wants her young one to look the best on such a special occasion. The first birthday dress for baby boy or first birthday dress for baby girl can be a little difficult to find.

Finding the baby first birthday dress can become a lot easier when you know how to do about it. We have come up with important guidelines to keep in mind while finding the beautiful first birthday party dress for baby girl or baby boy. While shopping for the 1st birthday party outfits, keep these points in mind.

How we Choose The Beautiful First Birthday Dress

We have come up with some important points that you should always consider while choosing the beautiful 1st year baby birthday dress. These points will help you grab the best 1st birthday dresses for your little princess or first birthday outfits for baby boy.

Define your Budget for Birthday Party Dress

When you are purchasing a special dress for your kid, budget is never a concern but to ensure that you make a right choice, you must fix a budget. This will not only save you from spending exorbitantly but will also help you select the finest baby birthday dress.

Keep it Comfortable Clothes for Birthday

Always remember that style, fashion and design are important elements of the birthday dress but you must not forget that the baby needs to feel comfortable in the dress so that he can enjoy the party without any discomfort. Even if you are planning for a baby fancy dress competition in the party, dress your baby girl or boy in comfortable baby clothing. Too tight or too loose clothes always cause irritation.

Focus on the fabric

baby clothing fabric

Fabric is another very important element to be taken into consideration because your baby needs to feel easy while wearing his birthday dress. Select the fabric as per the season. Avoid picking those fabrics which can harm the sensitive baby skin.

Be sure of the color

kids clothes color

Color has a lot of effect on the mood so make sure you select light and pleasant shades to keep your baby happy. Don’t go with too bright and too dark shades as they may not look nice on your little one. Keep it subtle and stylish.

Avoid too many embellishments

kids dress embellishments

Embellishments add more beauty to the dress but in case of baby dresses, they are a big hassle. Avoid purchasing clothing with embellishments as there are chances that the baby may take it into his mouth. So keep it simple and smart.

So when you are purchasing the beautiful birthday dress for your baby, keep these points in mind to make your pick more interesting and convenient.

Styling Tips on Dressing Up for a Baby’s Birthday

Just buying a birthday dress for babies is not enough, you should also know how to stylize that particular dress in order to create a complete look for your little darling. Therefore, we have come up with some styling tips for dressing up the baby for birthday:

  1. Always keep the birthday dress special but also simple. This means that you don’t go with a dress that has too many embellishments or attachments that make the baby uncomfortable in the dress.
  2. Make sure that you use the complementing accessories with the dress. For a complete look, it is important that you go with right shoes, right hair accessories, belt, cap etc. so that you baby looks stylish in whatever she or he is wearing.
  3. Do the hair right. Just shopping for a beautiful birthday dress for your baby girl or boy is not enough if you have not made her or his hair right. Just giving your kid a nice hairdo is going to have them look great.
  4. Go with coordinated outfits. You can even have your own style statement with coordinated clothing for your kid and yourself. Matching mom and me or matching father and son clothing make fantastic choices to stylize a fabulous look.

Where to buy first birthday dress for baby girl or baby boy?

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The store features an amazing collection of newest and most unique kids first birthday dresses and more. Explore the enticing collection of 1 year baby birthday dresses to have your little sweethearts stand out and look simply amazing on one of their most important milestones.

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