5 Easy Baby Shower Food Recipes Ideas on a Budget

Planning a baby shower isn’t easy as you have to look into managing different things. You have to plan the whole event, figure out the decoration, plan the games and pick up some interesting gifts. But don’t miss on planning the menu amidst all these things. Food is an important part of the event and therefore, you must make sure that you include some interesting items in the menu that too within the budget.

In this post, we have come up with 5 very easy to prepare baby shower food item recipes that fall within your budget. Read on to find out what these delicious food items are which are perfect to impress your guests without having to spend too much of your money.


Baby Shower Food lasagna

Yeah it definitely sounds delicious!!! This is one of the easiest and most sumptuous delights to include on the food menu. You just need to have things sorted in advance. Get those lasagna sheets, vegetables and lots of cheese before starting with the preparations. Once you have everything set, just take a baking dish and start spreading one layer over another depending upon which veggies you wish to include in your dish. Once that is done, don’t forget to load your dish with lots of cheese. Just when you are about to set up the table, set your dish for baking and serve it hot!!!

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Fruit Salad

fruit salad Baby Shower Food Recipe

This is an amazingly healthy and loved by all kind of a dish which you can include on the menu for baby shower. Pick up some fresh season fruits from the market and chop them with perfection. Seal them up in a bowl, one fruit in each and cover it up with a cellophane sheet. This would keep your fruits fresh. When you are about to lay the table for the meal, take these bowls out of the fridge and serve them fresh. Don’t forget to top these fruits with some fresh cream to add more taste to the salad.

Sauté Veggies with Rice

Sauté Veggies with Rice Baby food

You can pick up all seasonal vegetable and chop them into small pieces. Sauté them in little oil and add some salt and pepper on them. Serve them with a sauce and freshly cooked rice. Your guests are going to love this dish as it is extremely healthy and doesn’t even take too long to cook. Make sure that you don’t overcook the veggies. Make sure that the crunch in the veggie is still there when you serve them hot.


Wraps Baby Shower Food Recipe

Wraps are not just filling but also taste amazingly well. You can cook them with quickness and ease. Buy the wraps from the market or if you have time then you can make them at home as well. Arrange for the filling. You can go with different vegetables along with some mayonnaise to keep it simple. You can even add some salsa, mustard sauce, Mexican beans to it depending upon what kind of wrap you wish to make. Just spread these things in the centre of the wrap and roll it up. Serve it hot and quick.

Nachos with Dips

Nachos with Dips Baby Shower Food Recipe

Nachos make delicious starters and don’t take much of your time. You can buy them from the market along with dips. If you wish then you can prepare these dips at home as well. It is all subjective to how much time you have in your hand. Serve them with drinks and let your guests relish this quick and easy snack.

These are some of the best baby shower food recipes ideas which taste great and don’t even cost much.

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