10 Delicious and Easy Indian Breakfast Recipes For Kids – Toddler Baby Food

Kids often skip breakfast as they are busy with their play or being bored with the same food having for a long time. So when it is about kids, you need to be a little more creative to prepare their dishes. Sometimes, garnishing also matters to attract the kids to their breakfast, but what is even more important is to give those essential nutrients to the kids and for this you can prepare food with different vegetables or healthy ingredients, but in an attractive manner. You can find different Indian breakfast for kids and toddler that are healthy as well as tasty and you can also satisfy your kid’s tummy too.  Here 10 Indian kids breakfast recipes are given for to that you can try out.

Chapati Roll

chapati roll Kids Breakfast Recipe

Your kids may not love chapatti, but chapatti roll can definitely steal your kids’ heart by its taste. You can easily convert the boring chapatti into the delicious chapatti roll only by stuffing a vegetable mixture into the chapatti and roll it. The ingredients are also available in your kitchen that includes onion, green chilies, cabbage, garlic, beans, carrot, capsicum and sweet corn. Try it out in your home.

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Paneer Sandwich

Paneer Sandwich Kids Breakfast Recipe

If you are preparing for the protein loaded breakfast, then paneer sandwich can be your choice. The Paneer is a good source of calcium and proteins and it is good for your kid’s health too. The preparation is also very easy to make; you need to prepare paneer stuffing first and for this, paneer, green chilies, coriander leaves are some of the ingredients. Take brown breads and stuffed the paneer preparation very well.

Brown Black Eyed Pea Salad

Brown Black Eyed Pea Salad baby Breakfast Recipe

For all health conscious mothers, vegetarian salad is an answer for giving the nutrients to their children. The ingredients, though have no limitation; you can even add what your kid’s like the most. You can add boiled potato, tomato, ginger, capsicum, and roasted jeera powder. You need to pressure cook the brown black eyed pea for 6 hours, then in a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients.

Bajra Aloo ki Roti

Bajra Aloo ki Roti

Bajra roti is mainly Gujrati dish and people love this dish in winter season. You can simply make this bajr roti and add smashed potato, chopped onions and freshly grated coconut to give a different flavor and make this dish tastier. All together, your kid will be happy to have such a healthy food in the breakfast and you are also satisfied with it.

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Breakfast Fish Cakes

Breakfast Fish Cakes toddler Breakfast Recipe

Cakes are always a favorite food for the kids and you can give the essential vitamins and minerals by making this fish cake for your kid’s breakfast. In this, fish are grilled in the coal, and then it is cooked with potato, nutmeg and butter. As it is a fried dish, you can try it out once in a week.

Whole Wheat Masala Dosa

Whole Wheat Masala Dosa

Though it is a south Indian dish, but the whole wheat masala dosa can make its way to everyone’s plate, especially kids. For breakfast, this dish can make your kid’s tummy full, which is a big thing for a mother. You may know how to make dosa, what you need is stuffed vegetables with different masala in the dosa, like onion dosa and you can simply win your kid’s heart.

Vegetable Noodle

Vegetable Noodle toddler Breakfast Recipe

When it comes to your kid’s breakfast, then every mother wants to add those ingredients, which are good for their health. In this sense, vegetable noodle is the answer of your question. Kids always love noodles and if you want to add health, then go for the rice noodles and prepare it with different vegetables and Indian spices, including carrot, beans, mustard, samber powder and coriander leaves.

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Palak Corn Parathas

Kids Breakfast Recipe Palak Corn Parathas

Parahtas always make their place in Indian breakfast dish and when it is added with palak and corn flavor, it not only becomes tastier, but healthier too. The ingredients which are needed to prepare such dishes are whole wheat flour, spinach, green chilies, paneer, ginger and cumin seeds. Parathas are stuffed with palak corn gives a delicious taste.

Vegetable Poha

Vegetable Poha baby and kids

Breakfast should be such which is easy to make so that your kid does not wait for a long time and poha is a great dish for the breakfast. To make vegetable poha, you can add every vegetable, whatever you have in your kitchen. Add peanuts and peas to make the dish healthier.

Carrot Oat Dosa

Kids Breakfast Recipe Carrot Oat Dosa

Carrot oat dosa is a balanced meal contains carb, proteins and veggies all in one. To give some healthy foods in your kid’s breakfast, you can make carrot oat dosa. The ingredients itself are full of nutrient compound, such as oats and moong dal. The other includes carrot, black pepper powder and coriander leaves.

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