Indian Lunch Box Recipes for 3 to 5 year old Kids

What to pack for lunch in your kid’s tiffin? It is an everyday question which pesters every mom. Kids are always fussy with food and it is not easy to plan the tiffin which is kid-friendly. Thinking what to give in lunch box is a challenging task for mothers.

To make it easier, we have come up with yummy lunch box recipes for 3 year old to 5 year old kids. These vegetarian lunch box recipes are perfect recipes for school children. Have a quick look at these kids lunch box ideas to surprise them when they open their tiffin.

Best Tiffin Box Recipes for School

Multigrain Pizza

Multigrain Pizza Tiffin Box Recipe

The goodness of multigrain loaded with veggies and cheese is a wonderful lunch for your little kid. Children love pizza and with multigrain, you don’t have to worry about the “unhealthy” part of it. If your child doesn’t enjoy veggies, you can make him simple margarita pizza.

Brown Rice Poha Recipe

Brown Rice Poha lunch Box Recipe kids

Use nutritious brown rice to prepare poha. This is definitely a healthy touch to the traditional Indian breakfast recipe. This is an easy lunch box recipe which takes just a few minutes to cook and also loved by children. Just add some onions and potatoes to soaked and boiled rice and its done.

Easy Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe for Kids

Easy Aloo Matar Paratha Recipe for Kids

If you are looking for a wholesome and filling Indian lunch box preparation then easy to cook aloo matar paranthas are children favorites. Prepare a mixture of boiled potatoes and green peas along with some spices and prepare paranthas using this filling. Pack them in their tiffin with along with some ketchup or pickle on the side making it a complete meal.

Suji Toast for kids

Suji Toast for kids

Take some suji along with curd and add finely chopped vegetables to it. Place this mix on a bread slice and saute it on a non- stick tawa. Just salt and black pepper are good enough spices to it. This is another healthy meal for school lunch boxes. This makes a healthy snack for Sunday breakfast with almond milk. Know Health Benefits of Almond Milk for Kids.

Paneer Tikka Recipe

Paneer Tikka Recipe lunch Box Recipe Children

Marinate paneer along with some onions and capsicum squares in curd and spices overnight. Morning just toss this mixture in a wok or tawa and pack it in the tiffin. This is something which all kids are going to love. This tiffin box recipe is easy to make and is also very much kid friendly.

Beetroot Paratha Recipe for Toddlers

Beetroot Paratha Recipe for Toddlers

If your kid doesn’t like eating beetroot then make a parantha out of it. Chop it into shreds and add salt and black pepper to it. Make a parantha by stuffing this filling into it. Don’t forget to pack your kid’s favorite pickle with it.

Coriander Vegetable Rice for Kids

Coriander Vegetable Rice for Kids

Kids enjoy eating rice. By adding some veggies to them, you can prepare a yummy meal for your little one. Boil some rice and strain the wait. In a wok saute some vegetables along with the rice and add lots of coriander to it for an energizing meal. Find out Ways to Energize Your Tired Children.

Gnocchi Pizza with Indian Twist

Gnocchi Pizza with Indian Twist

Prepare gnocchi pizza by cooking a layer of suji sauted in a pan with salt and black pepper. Spread over it sauted vegetables like mushrooms, bell peppers and onions. Load it with cheese and then put it in the over for baking. This gnocchi pizza with Indian twist will be loved by your kid.

Indian Style Masala Macaroni Recipe

Indian Style Masala Macaroni Recipe Children

Make macaroni more interesting by making it Indian style. This tiffin recipe for kids needs boiled macaroni. Prepare a masala in wok by adding chopped onions and other vegetables along with tomato puree. Add salt, little chilli flakes, oregano and mixed herbs for the final touch.

Besan ka chilla

Besan ka chilla lunch box Recipe kids

Take besan in a bowl and add some suji and water to it. Finely chopped onions, coriander along with salt and dash of red chilli powder go next. Mix it well. Spread this batter on a hot and greased pan. Flip it to cook on both the sides. Pack it with ketchup.

Sweet Idli Sandwich

Sweet Idli Sandwich

This is a lips-smacking South Indian lunch box recipe for 3 year old kids. Prepare mini idlis and saute them in tomato puree and some ketchup. Now place this idli between two slices of bread to prepare a sandwich. A perfect combination of idli and sandwich which will be enjoyed by your child.

Palak Poha Pakoda Recipe

Palak Poha Pakoda Recipe for kids

This is a very easy vegetarian lunch box recipe. Make pakodas by preparing a batter with soaked poha and finely chopped palak leaves along with desired spices. Palak and poha both are healthy. Fry the dumplings/ pakodas or you can even saute them on a tawa.

Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice Indian Lunch box for kids

Take some oil in a pan along with some mustard seeds and curry leaves. Now add freshly grated coconut to it along with soaked and boiled rice. Stir everything well and put it in the lunch box. This is a very healthy and kids friendly recipe for summers. Know amazing summer activities for children.

Bread Potato Rolls

Bread Potato Rolls

Prepare a masala using boiled aloos. Simply take boiled mashed potatoes. Add salt, chilli powder and amchur to it. Dip the bread in water and press it using both the hands to strain water. Put the potato filling in the center and make a roll out of it. Now it is time to fry and then pack it in the tiffin.

Beetroot Pulao/Beetroot Rice

Beetroot Pulao and Beetroot Rice

Beetroot is very healthy and you can cook it with rice to make a healthy preparation for the tiffin. Soak the rice and boil it. Toss some beetroot shreds in a wok and add the boiled rice to it along with salt and black pepper powder. Don’t forget to add some coriander to garnish your dish.

These are some of the unique kids lunch box ideas for Indian mothers.

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