Easy Games and Activities for Daughter’s Birthday in India

You are not done with a party if you have finalized the menu, made the arrangement for music and dance. You need more to make your daughter’s birthday party a hit with her friends. You need some interesting and engaging games for the little guests to add fun to the celebrations. A birthday party without games is never complete.

It is definitely a big task to decide on some entertaining games. You are looking for games that hold the interests of your guests and are also unique. Repeating same old games can surely get very boring. But before that, let us have a quick look at the festive memorable birthday party ideas for kids for a big bash!!!

First Birthday Party Ideas or Themes for Kids

If you are looking for some awesome winter or summer birthday ideas for 1 year old boys and girls to make it a great celebration, then here are some choices.

First Birthday Party Themes for Baby Girl

  • Pink colour theme
  • Barbie theme
  • Disney princess theme
  • Floral theme

First Birthday Party Themes for Baby Boy

  • Blue colour theme
  • Cars and race tracks
  • Balloons
  • Chota Bheem or other cartoon characters

In this post, we have come up with a list of easy games and activities that you can have at your daughter’s birthday party in India. So, let the fun begin!!!!

Wonderful Games for Daughter’s Birthday Party

Not having games at a birthday party is a sin. So make sure that you have some interesting games planned for the children. Here are some amazing games to add on to the fun factor of your girl’s birthday party:

1. Blow the Balloons

Blow the Balloons kids birthday party

Image Source: Freepik.com

Each and everyone is given 2-3 inflated balloons and they are asked to keep these balloons in the air by blowing the air using their mouth. The hands are tied at the back. The kid who manages to keep the balloons longest in the air wins!!!

2. Shake Treat

Shake Treat games children birthday party

Pick up any seasonal and prepare a shake using it like mango or banana or strawberry, some fruit that is loved by children. Now tie the hands at the back and ask kids to finish as many glasses of shakes they can in one minute. Make sure you the size of the glasses is small for more fun.

3. Cookie on the Face

Cookie on the Face girl birthday party

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Put a cookie on the forehead of every kid and tie their hands. Now using the movement of their face, they will have to bring the cookie close to their mouth so that they can eat it. The person who does this the fastest is the winner.

4. Kidney Beans and Straw

Kidney Beans and Straw

Image Source: kindergartensmiles.blogspot.com

There is a bowl full of kidney beans and there is an empty bowl. The children are required to fill the empty bowl with kidney beans by using a straw and mouth. As they suck the air in the straw, they can pick the bean and put it in the other bowl. Time allotted to each kid is 1 minute.

5. Make a Match

Make a Match games

Image Source: ebay.in

As soon as the guests start to enter, given each one of them a picture. As they move around, they are now required to find the matching picture with the picture they have been given. For instance, the guest is given the picture of Elsa and she has to match it with a related picture.

Engaging Activities for Girls’ Birthday Party

You cannot have too many games all the time. In that case, having some creative activities to keep the guests busy are a great idea. Activities which help them interact, enjoy and have a fun time with each other. Some activities also help them learn new things. Here are some of these activities for your daughter’s next birthday party:

1. Art and Craft

Art and Craft Activities for Girls Birthday Party

Image Source: Mykidstime.com

Girls enjoy art and craft. So you can set up a table with colours, ribbons, popsicle sticks, cardboard sheets and papers of different kinds to help them use their creativity in making something unique. You can even teach all them something new and then allow them to create the same thing on their own.

2. Small Cooking Sessions

Small Cooking Sessions Activities for Girls Birthday Party

Image Source: bbcgoodfood.com

How about having them arranging a small cooking session for them which involves fireless cooking? Teach them to make sandwiches or simple mocktails which they can enjoy once the activity has finished.

3. Story Telling Session

StoryTelling Session for Girls Birthday Party

Image Source: gogobambini.com

Children are fond of stories and therefore, you can even have the birthday girl share her favourite story with her friends in this story telling session.

4. It’s a Free Play

It’s a Free Play Games for Girls Birthday Party

Image Source: princetonkids.com

Arrange a room for the guests with dolls and board games, pictures, dresses, some make up accessories, books etc. and set them lose to do anything they want. All of them will be able to find something interesting to do.

5. It’s a Dance Party

Girls Birthday Party Dance India

Image Source: malonedanceacademy.co.uk

Just set up the dance floor with some lights and play some peppy tracks to let the little guests have a fun time with their buddies.

Pick ideas from these choices of games and activities that make wonderful picks for unforgettable celebrations on her birthday.

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Summer Activities for Kids: Creative Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Summer breaks are on!!! Its scorching heat outside!!! How to keep children home and also busy???

To keep them safe from the bright sun, you need some ways to keep your children busy. You can have some indoor games like carom, scrabble, ludo, Chess, monopoly etc. planned for them or you can search for some indoor fun engaging activities for 1 year old baby, 2 or 3 or 4 year old children that help them learn new things and also stay occupied. Here are some summer activities for kids which are good fun:

  • Drawing or painting
  • Fireless cooking
  • Book reading
  • Singing or learning musical instruments

We have activities to keep your child busy on holidays in Dussehra.

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