Awesome Summer Birthday Party ideas for 1 year old Boy and Girl

It’s time to celebrate the most awaited 1st birthday party of your baby. Its summer time also when all the kids are always waiting for some fun to happen. Celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday party in a unique party themes along with entertainment which are absolutely doable and will be within your budget. Plan different birthday party activities for kids and toddlers in different location. You can celebrate out-doors or at your backyard, or in your local park. We have some amazing collection of 1st birthday ideas for boys and some wonderful birthday party ideas for you to choose from. These are theme parties which are super fun and leaving long lasting sweet memories.

Wonderful Watermelon

Wonderful Watermelon Baby Birthday party

This green and bright red fruit is the treat of summer. It is very tasty and liked by most of the children irrespective of their age. This is a wonderful theme to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. You can plan a watermelon shaped cake with its flavor. You can make some sweets with water melon. You can even juice up the fruit as a cool and sweet drink. You can simply cut the fruit into cubes and serve chilled to all the kids.

Baby Hearts Summer

Baby Hearts Summer Birthday party theme

The heart theme is a lovely birthday party theme for your baby’s first birthday You can do up your back yard in a single or a choice of heart shaped balloons which will give an awesome party look to your home. You little one also will enjoy all the balloons dancing to the breeze. You can even plan a heart shaped yummy cake for the party. Let the kids take those balloons after the party. Balloons are the best toys for children.

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Rainbows Party

1 Year baby Rainbows Birthday party

What else can be pleasing that a colorful rainbow. Decorate your home with colorful decorative and make your home look colorful. Your baby will enjoy a colorful birthday. Decorate your home with colorful ribbons. You can even ask the little guests to dress colorfully to add glamour and fun to the party. Give them rainbow hats to wear during the party.

Baby Screams for Ice Cream

Baby Screams for Ice Cream

The best treat to pamper your senses is Ice cream. Summer is the best time to try all flavors in ice cream. Treat all your little guests with different flavors and different colorful ice creams. They will just love the party.

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Ice Pop Party

Ice Pop Party 1 Year baby

Summer is the best time to have cool treats. Serve your little guests with ice cream pops. These ice cream pops can be made in different flavors and shapes. Kids will just love thee treat.

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Jungle Party

Jungle Party

Turn your living room into a jungle by hanging some animal toys. These days many animal soft toys are available. Have some indoor plants and monkeys sitting beside it. Have a tub full of water and have some fishes and tortoise in it. It will be super fun. Have some creepers and throw some leaves in your living room. The jungle party theme is ready.

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Pineapple Party

Pineapple 1st Birthday party

The bright yellow fruit is a super tasty treat. You can bake a pineapple cake. You can even serve all the little kids a yummy pineapple juice or squash. Serve pineapple cupcakes. You can even as all the children to come dressed in yellow and green outfit. Dress your kid also in bright yellow and green dress. Take pictures of this awesome theme party. You will cherish a life time memory.

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian theme Party ideas baby

Make this birthday party a very memorable one by this Hawaiian theme party. Decorate your home with flowers and sea shells. Have some flower creepers in your drawing room and make it look colorful.

Western Party

baby girl and boy Western Party

Dress your little one in cowboy hats and boots with some earthy shaded dress. Give your kid and your guests a wild-west feel by decorating your home with cacti and burlap. Serve lemonade for a cool and refreshing feel to beat the hot summer.

Fruity Party

 baby’s first birthday party fruits

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday party with fruits. Dice and cube fruits and serve chilled. Juice up fruits to make lovely mock tails. Serve fruit tartars and fruity cupcakes. Bake a cake with yummy fruit flavor. To u with natural fruits.

Garden Party

baby Garden Party ideas

Throw a party in your garden it’s a perfect theme for summer birthday party. The open cool breeze will make all the kids feel refreshed. They will have plenty of place to move around. Plan some games to keep them engaged. They will enjoy playing and running around in the garden.

Fun Beach Birthday Party

Kids Fun Beach Birthday Party

If you are staying in a location close to a sea, a beach party is the best theme for birthday. An evening party with cool sea breeze is the best theme party you can ever think of. Just make sure that all the kids are safe and they don’t run into the sea. Swim dress is the best dress for the party.

How to Plan a First Birthday Party for Your Child

Your child’s first birthday is always a very special day in your life. You have to plan ahead to make it memorable. Plan the theme well before which is in your budget. Invite guests well in advance so that you can make your arrangements. Buy a dress which is more comfortable for your baby, so that he is happy wearing it. Celebrate well and enjoy the day.

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