5 Cheap and Easy Birthday Party Ideas for Indian Kids

Birthday Party Ideas for Indian Kids

Sometimes parents want to plan a beautiful birthday party for their children in India but they are not able to do so because that demands lots of money. As a result of which they are not able to throw a birthday bash for their kids which is truly disheartening.

Well, it is not only money that is needed to plan a perfect celebration for your baby on his special day. You need an idea to make it more fun at the cheapest prices and keep it easy on your pocket. So if you are also planning to throw a birthday party for your kid and you are worry about big bills which can create holes in your pocket then this article can be of great help to you. Have a look at the 5 cheap and easy birthday party ideas for Indian kids that promise great fun and frolic.

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Go for a Picnic

If you have space constraints along with budget constraints then one of the most beautiful ideas for a birthday party in India is to take all the kids out for a picnic. You can take them to amusement parks or gardens or beaches for a wonderful day outing. Pack some snacks, carry some games and take all the kids in a big car to the picnic destination for a wonderful time. This is quite easy and inexpensive.

Have a Chaat Party

Chaat is one thing which doesn’t demand too much of your time and exercise. You can pick some quick and easy recipes that kids love in India. For instance, bhel puri, chana jor garam, pani puri etc. are some of the easy dishes to make and are loved by children of all age groups. You really don’t need anything much to prepare them and they take hardly any time to cook. This is another very easy way of having a fun birthday bash for your baby.

Movie and Lunch

If you are not able to arrange for a birthday party at your home then you can always take kids out for a cheap morning show of some good comedy or animation movie. Children in India just love to go out for movies. And then you can take them to a food court for a good lunch. Surely each one of them is going to have great fun. This way you don’t have to plan games or buy party favors. All this will save your energy, time and money to a great extent.

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Indian High Tea Birthday Party

To keep it easy and smooth, you can arrange for a high tea party for the kids in the evening. Arrange for some delicious snacks along with beverages like shakes or coffee for the menu which is surely not too difficult. You can also arrange for some simple games to add on to the feel of birthday or you can simply play a kids movie on your television to make it a wonderful celebration.

Simple Celebration at Home

To keep it simple, you can plan a small birthday party at home for some of the close friends of your friends. You can have an easy menu designed for your guests with minimum but delicious items on the list. Think of some amazing games that the children can enjoy. The point here is that you go for quality over quantity. A small and intimate party at home is something kids in India always enjoy as they can have it for longer hours without any restrictions. They can do what they like, for instance boys can play cricket and girls can play with their Barbie doll which is their way of enjoying.

These are the five most wonderful ways of having budgeted easy birthday parties in India which do not need much of preparations and are equally entertaining and fun. So if you have space constraint or time crunch, pick any of these ideas to plan an amazing celebration for your child and invite his friends over for a perfect we time.

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