Best Kids’ Costume Ideas for Birthday Parties

kid costume ideas for birthday party

We always want to dress our baby in special clothes and costumes for a birthday party. As parents, we want to make sure that our child looks the best and stands out in the gathering wearing his unique and stylish costume. And kids also enjoy dressing up in colorful theme based dresses which make them feel like stars or characters they love or admire. This is surely the most amazing and fun way of dressing your baby on his birthday that makes him win all the attention and limelight at the party. But now the question that arises is that what these alluring costume ideas are that can look graceful and glamorous on your child.

Here are some of the most stylish and exclusive costume ideas that can surely be of great help to you while purchasing beautiful birthday attire for your little one. Let us have a look at all of these outfits.

  • Princess Dress

If you have a cute little baby girl then one of the most appealing and beautiful dresses on her birthday is a gorgeous princess dress. You can buy her a designer princess outfit which comes with enticing flares, elegant bodice and matching accessories for a perfect look. They come in different colors ranging from shades of whites to various pastel colors. The beauty of net and elegance of puff sleeves make her look the prettiest at the party.

  • Superman, Batman or Spiderman

Boys love all the superheroes like the Superman, Batman and Spiderman. They all grow up watching their movies and cartoons which makes them all the more attached with these heroic characters. You can easily find these colorful and smart costumes of any of these superheroes which your child admires and he will be more than happy to dress like one of them. This is a desire of every kid to dress like his hero and do all kinds of stunts.

  • Cinderella or Snow White

Girls always love the beautiful fairy tales which have always been in their book shelves when they were young. There are various Disney characters like Cinderella, Snow White and Little Mermaid which are very close to their hearts. Hence, this is another very impressive idea of your kid’s costume on her birthday. Dress her up like any of these characters which are known for their beauty, glamour and elegance.

  • Pirate

Buy a rough and tough pirate outfit for your baby boy and he will love it. He can always dress up like a pirate by wearing that costume and other accessories to get the perfect look of the character. This is another very interesting way of dressing your child on his birthday for a dashing look on his special day.

  • Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one character which every boy loves. You can surprise your little hero by buying him a special Harry Potter costume as his birthday attire for a simple yet stylish look. For sure, he will love this dress as he can act like a magician from his favorite fiction. You can easily find the outfit and complementing accessories at any online store offering amazing costumes for birthdays and fancy dress competitions.

  • Ninja

Another very interesting way of dressing your young is in the ninja costume which comes with various kinds of toy weapons which include a toy sword, nunchunks etc. for a perfect look. This is something a ninja fan will always love to wear and look different on his birthday. You have a big room to select the colors and accessories to make his look unique and stylish.

These are the different styles and kinds of costumes for young boys and girls in India. You can always make their birthday celebrations more exciting and entertaining by dressing them up in these colorful outfits of their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters. Instead of buying regular attire, try and buy something stylish and glamorous for a perfect look on their special day.

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  • Ravi Sanghvi January 12, 2017, 4:18 PM

    I love Harry Potter’s all series. I will definitely try it’s costume for by kid’s birthday. Thanks a ton for this idea. He also like magic and harry porter is perfect for it.


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