15 Awesome Ideas of Games for Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party Games Ideas
Kids Birthday Party Games

Kids birthday parties are incomplete without games and that’s why when you are planning for a birthday party for your child then you also need to think of some interesting games for birthday party for kids.

If you have no idea about the party games for kids then we bring to you all the indoor and outdoor birthday party games for kids. Browse through these interesting fun birthday party games for kids that will take your kids’ birthday celebrations to just another level. Make the birthday bash truly memorable with these birthday party activities for kids.

Best kids Birthday Party Games ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Parties

Browse through the fun birthday party games for kids. These indoor and outdoor games for birthday party at home in India are just what you need to treat your little guests in the most fun way possible.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt kids birthday party game

Hide small little presents for the kids in different places at your party venue. Set a time and ask the children to find the presents. Whatever presents the child finds is allowed to keep those presents and the one who is able to find the maximum numbers of presents turns out to be the winner in this game.

Prize Walk

Prize Walk kids birthday party game

Pen down numbers from 1 to 30 on square charts big enough for kids to stand on them and paste them on the floor in a circle. Make smaller chits from 1 to 30 and shuffle them up in a basket. Now play some music and ask the children to walk around the circle and ask them to stand on a number as soon as the music stops. Then pick a number from the basket and the kid standing on the chit with the same number is entitled for a prize.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt kids birthday party game

Create a map for the kids indicating where they are required to go and provide them with picture clues of the objects they are required to find. Keep gifts or chocolates with each of these clues. The difficulty of the game is going to change with the age group which is going to be playing this game. This game can be played in indoor as well as outdoor setting.

Bopping the Balloon

Bopping the Balloon kids birthday party game

Insert in each balloon a challenge by writing it on a piece of paper before you inflate it. Now the kids need to bop the balloon in the art while the music is playing and when the music stops, the last one to touch the balloon will have to pop the balloon and perform the challenge or the task written on the chit which could be dancing, singing or any other fun activity.

Bubble Wrap Race

Bubble Wrap Race kids birthday party game

Roll out a sheet of bubble wrap on the floor and now ask the children to walk over it from one end to another. The challenge is to walk on it without popping any bubbles. The kid who is able to cross the distance without making any noise wins the game.

Musical Chair

Musical Chair kids birthday party game

Place chairs in a circular pattern with the seats facing out. The total number of chairs will be one less than the number of kids playing this game. As the music will turn on, kids will run around in the circle. As soon as the music will stop, every kid is supposed to find a chair and sit on it. The one who is left without a chair will be out of the game.

Paper Boat Race

Paper Boat Race kids birthday party game

In this game, hand over a paper boat and a straw to each kid. Now fill a plastic tub with water and ask the kids to use the straw for blowing the air onto these paper boats for propelling them forward. The first kid to take the boat from one end to the other fastest wins the game.

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Passing the Parcel

Passing the Parcel kids birthday party game

Ask the children to sit in a circle and give them a pillow or any soft toy to pass around when the music plays. As the music stops, the kid with the parcel in his or her hand is going to be out but before stepping out of the game, that kid will have to face a punishment which could be any activity or task like dancing, singing etc.

Put the Coin

Put the Coin Children birthday party game

Take a bucket full of water and place a medium sized bowl in the center of the base of the bucket. Now each kid will be given three chances and is required to throw a coin in that bowl. The kid who is able to throw the maximum number of coins in the bucket is going to win the game.

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Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail kids birthday party game

Place a picture of a dog, monkey, donkey or any other animal on the wall. Now ask the kids to stand in a line at a distance from the picture and give each one of them a tail with their names written on it. Blindfold all the kids and ask them to pin the tail to the animals as close as possible as you direct them towards the picture. The kid who is able to pin it the closest wins the game.

Popping the Balloon

Popping the Balloon kids birthday party game

Tie inflated balloons around the ankles of every player and play the music. When the music is going to stop, kids must pop the balloons of the person standing next to them and also make sure that their balloon is safe. The kid with intact inflated balloon will be the winner of the game.

Lemon and Spoon Race

Lemon and Spoon Race kids birthday party game

Give one lemon and one spoon to each of the kid. Now they are required to walk from one point to another as it is a race but the twist here is that they have to walk holding the spoon in the mouth with a lemon placed on the spoon. The kid who is able to make it to the end the fastest with the lemon on the spoon will be the winner.

Three Legged Race

Three Legged Race kids birthday party game

Divide kids into partners and now tie one of their legs together and now they will have to participate in the three legged race. They will have to start from one point and make it to the other as they walk together as partners using their three legs. The partners to reach at the end first will be the winners.

Passing Through the River

Passing Through the River kids birthday party game

In this game, tell kids that the floor is the river and they have to cross the river without stepping their feet on it. Now put lots of objects from end to start of the river which include things like pillows, chairs, stools and various other objects which will be the stepping stones for them to cross the river. The one who is able to cross the river without stepping a foot on the river will win the game.

Simon Says

Simon Says kids birthday party game

One adult will be Simon and will instruct the kids to do a certain thing and they will have to follow. The kid who fails to do what Simon says then he is going to be out of the game. For instance, if Simon says touch your head, everyone is supposed to touch their heads and so on.

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