20 Engaging Birthday Party Games for Kids

Birthday Party Games for Kids

Creative Birthday Party Games for Children’s Indoors and Outdoors

Air Balloon

Air Balloon Party Games

In this game, blow up a balloon for all the kids at the party. Now instruct them to keep the balloon bouncing in the air. The idea here is to have them keep the balloon floating in the air for the longest time without hitting on the ground. The winner would be who keeps the balloon floating for maximum time. You can increase the difficulty level by adding multiple balloons.

Blind Makeup

Blind Makeup Game

Pop the Balloon

Pop the Balloon Party Games

Marshmallow Tower

Marshmallow Tower Birthday Party Game

Have the kids construct the tallest marshmallow towers. Just provide them with a bowl full of marshmallows and toothpicks. Set the timer for 5 minutes and ask the kids to contrast the tallest tower using the marshmallows.

Move like Animals

Move like Animals Game

This is another engaging birthday part game for kids at home in which you will have to call out the name of a jungle animal and kids are supposed to be mimicking the well known action by that particular animal.

Back to Back Balloon Dancing and Popping

Back to Back Balloon Dancing and Popping

In this game, you will need to make a pair of kids and then line them up back to back as they hold a balloon between their backs. On your command, they are supposed to be squeezing and popping the balloon. They are not allowed to drop the balloon.

Photo Booth

Photo Booth Party Game

Kids love taking silly pictures and therefore, create a backdrop for them to click some pictures. Put lots of props on the side and have them click the most creative pictures by setting up a camera on a tripod.


Snatch Kids games

Take a tray and place in it lots of random items. For a minutes time, show all the kids these items and ask them to observe all these items. Now ask them to turn around and remove one item from that tray. Now the one who is able to guess the first that which item has been removed from the tray is going to win the game.

Put the Coin

Put the Coin Game

Take a bucket full of water and place in the center of the base a bowl. Now one by one each child is supposed to drop the coin in that bowl as they stand straight and drop the coin from a distance. Each child will get one minute to put the coins and the one who is able to put the maximum coins, wins the game.

Tell a Story

Tell a Story Party Game for kids

In this game, the host will start the game by telling a story which will be just a few lines. Now the next child is going to add a sentence to that story and so on and so forth. This is one of the most interesting, fun and engaging birthday party indoor games for kids to enjoy as the story builds up.

Guess What’s in the Sock

Guess What’s in the Sock

Take few socks and stuff them with random household stuff. Now tie the opening of the sock so that no one can see what’s inside. Now let the children feel the object inside the sock as they touch the sock and prepare the list of items. The one with maximum number of correct guesses will win the game.

Bubble Wrap Race

Bubble Wrap Race

Buy a big roll of bubble wrap and place a big cut out of the same on the flat surface. Now ask the kids to walk from one end of the bubble wrap to the another one by one. The rule here is to walk on the bubble wrap fastest and without popping any bubble on the sheet.

Hanging Donut

Hanging Donut Game for kids

In this game, you can hang the donut on the branch of a tree or somewhere similar using a treat. Now the kids have to take their turns and eat the whole donut without letting any donut fall on the floor as they jump and grab it with their mouth or teeth.

Mummy Wrap

Mummy Wrap party game for kids

In this game, divide the children into groups of four and give them toilet paper rolls. What they have to do is pick a mummy from their group and cover him or her up in the toiler paper. The group which is able to make a mummy the fastest wins the game.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Divide the kids into groups of three or four. Now have them go on hunting the treasure as you provide them with clues or riddles which they can solve and move ahead to find themselves a treasure. The team which finds the treasure gets to keep the treasure.

Egg on the Spoon Race

Egg on the Spoon Race

Give each child a spoon which they are going to hold using their teeth. Now place on the spoon one egg. The children are going to race as they run or walk with the eggs on the spoons and their hands tied behind.

Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel Kids game

Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle and have them pass a box to the next kid as the music plays and as the music stops, the kid who has the box, needs to open the box and take out a chit on which something would be written, like a task to perform.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs party Game for Children

Place the chairs around the circle. Have the music play and have the kids run around these chairs. As the music stops, children are supposed to take the seat. The kid who fails to find a seat to sit, is no longer a part of the game. Make sure that the number of the chairs is one minus the number of the kids playing the game.

Tossing the Egg

Tossing the Egg

Boil the eggs and divide kids into teams of two. Now one partner of the team has to throw the egg to another partner. And each time one throws, the partners take a step further away from each other and therefore, the distance keeps on increasing. The moment the egg falls on the ground, the team loses the game.

Sack Race

Sack Race kids game

This has always been a forever loved game by the children in which they have to put their legs in the sack and hold the sack and jump from the starting line to the finishing line. The one is able to make the first to the finishing line wins the game.

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