Coronavirus in India: Manage your kids while working from home

Coronavirus in India: kids while working from home
Coronavirus – Working from home with kids

With the outburst of Coronavirus in India, work from home has become a routine for many of us. But with our little babies distracting us and with teenagers getting bored sitting at home, it doesn’t seem to be an easy thing to do. As this lockdown is going to go on, you really need to get creative to have your kids busy so that you can work from home in peace.

In this post, we have come up with some amazing guidelines to keep your kids busy to make your life easier. So, if you are a working mom or dad, use these tips and have a sorted life during this pandemic situation.

Ways to Manage Kids in Corona Times

Play Games Together

coronavirus India - Kids Play Games Together
Kids Play Games Together

If you don’t want your kids to engage online then give them puzzles to solve or board games to play. All these activities are going to keep them busy and their brains active. There are many jigzaw puzzles which help in building focus. There are also games like Monopoly, Scrabble which make a good play time together. You can also get a little more creative and have your own game created. You can try playing this unique and certainly one of the best quarantine time games with your kid and the good thing is that you can personalize it to make it more fun.

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Explain Them the Situation

It is extremely important to explain your kids about the situation we are in. This will help them have some clarity and accordingly mold themselves as per circumstances.

Understand Them Importance of Safety

You must also communicate them that it is important to stay safe at home and also important to maintain hygiene by washing hands regularly.

Work Out a Plan

coronavirus India - Work Out a Plan
Work Out a Plan

Planning is a must, especially in a situation like this wherein you have no clue that this lockdown is going to go on how long.

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Create a Day Structure

In order to have your work and home routine in place, you must also define your kids’ routine. This will also bring them some clarity and they will not bug you with question like “What should I do now?”

Keep Them Busy with Activities

coronavirus India - kids Online Games, Activities
Keep Them Busy with Activities

You can look for websites that offer online games for kids. You can also look for websites that offer online assignments based on age groups. Online reading is another good choice.

Active Body is a Must

coronavirus India - family exercise - Active Body
Family Exercise at Home

Just brain exercises are not enough. You must also make sure that you involve them in some kind of physical activity. You can have a mom-dad-kid exercise session in the morning wherein you all can exercise together. Simple yoga asanas and workouts are available online which you can ask your child to follow for a fitter body.

Cook Together

coronavirus India - Cook Together
Cook Together

You can always have them assist you when you are cooking a meal and they will enjoy it and you will also get some help.

Do Chores Together

You can assign some duties from the daily household chores to your kids. Simple things like washing their own plates or dusting their own room or making their own beds. This is a good way to help them learn things and become independent.

Have a Separate Work Setup

Make sure that you set up your work space somewhere aloof in your house. This would help you have the privacy you need to focus and work.

Follow these guidelines and you can easily manage the quarantine time during Coronavirus situation in India without having to compromise with your work.

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