How to Plan Winter Baby’s First Birthday Party

1st birthday party ideas winter baby

First birthday is always special for the parents and they want to share their joy and celebrate it with their family, friends and relatives. You want to throw a wonderful party for all the guests and make it a special memory for life. But it is not so easy to plan and organize your celebrations in winters due to sever climatic conditions. You need to put extra focus on the venue so that your baby and your guests feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the party to the fullest. If your baby’s first birthday falls during winters and you are worried about how you will be making it a special day for him then read this article and read about the ways to plan your baby’s first birthday party in winter season.

Winter is the season for snowball fights, skiing, sledding, ice skating and a lot more fun activities. Let us find out the best winter party planning tips for a perfect decoration, games and food.

Birthday Party Invitations

Innovative invitations charge your guest with zeal to participate in your celebrations. You can design your invites according to your theme. Personalized invitation cards for the first birthday party are a great idea. Make sure any theme you pick reflects the very first year of your baby and is finely mentioned in the cards.

Winter Party Planning

Start planning on your venue. If you are planning a daytime party then open gardens and your backyard are a perfect choice as kids can enjoy the celebrations on a sunny day. In case, you are planning an evening party then look for a closed place like a banquet hall or a restaurant or your home. This will ensure complete safety from the cold winds. In case you are planning to keep a party in the outdoors then make sure that you have made all arrangements for fire and electric heaters. Also arrange for necessary party supplies like plates, cups, glasses etc.

Winter Party Decorations

Decoration is one of the most important ingredients of the birthday party. Decorate your venue with colorful balloons, ribbons, garlands, flowers and various other props as per your theme. Markets are loaded with beautiful decorations specific to the first birthday party celebrations. Make sure that you also decorate the table on which your baby will cut the cake and also the one on which the food and other arrangements have been made. Buy some interesting bands or masks or veils for your young guests in synchronization with your party theme.

Baby Birthday Princess Dress

Birthday party is incomplete without purchasing the most stylish and fashionable baby birthday princess dress for your little darling. You can go for a crochet tutu dress or a smart wedding dress or a net dress with flares to dress your baby girl in the most different and glamorous manner on her special day.

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Baby’s First Birthday Hats

Do not forget to accessorize your child with the best of the accessories. You can add to your list smart baby’s first birthday hats in colorful patterns and floral designs. Go for something that matches with your toddler’s clothing. You can choose from jazz hats, floral beanies, visor caps and various other formal and casual patterns.

Winter Party Food Ideas

Winters is the time to eat sumptuous food and enjoy drinks. If it is a party on the backyard then barbeque is a wonderful option. You can roast marinated food and vegetable and have an interesting menu complementing your drinks. Having pizzas, pastas and other baked items on a winter party can really pamper the taste buds of your guests. For a day party, you can keep a colorful assortment of fruits and juices for a healthy meal for young guests.

Winter Party Favor Ideas

Surprise your young guests with amazing party favors. Send them home with a beautiful smile on their faces. Candies, cookies, gloves, hats, masks are some of the exciting options for party favors. Make sure you go for bright and colorful favors.

These are some of the highlights concerning the first birthday party of your baby during winters. Keep these points in mind and plan a wonderful celebration with ease.

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