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If there is a wedding in your family and you are not sure what to shop for your kid to dress him or her beautifully for all the functions then your tension is reasonable. It is seriously a mindboggling exercise to find beautiful, colorful kids formal dresses for marriages and various other functions like Sangeet, Sagai, Mehandi etc. As a mother, you want that your daughter or son looks the best. You also want that the attire that you purchase is completely comfortable and matches the season.

Well put an end to all this confusion and chaos that has been giving you sleepless nights. Here is an article which brings complete information on some of the most amazing styles and patterns which are perfect for your child to be worn in Indian weddings and other related celebrations. Let us see what these dresses are.

Styles for Baby Girls

Here are some of the choices of party wear dresses for baby girls. You can include each of these patterns to dress her for an Indian wedding.

  • Crochet and Flower Tutu Dress

If you want to dress your baby in something classy, elegant and light then tutu dresses are a beautiful option. They come in all colors that range from bright reds, greens and yellows to soothing pastels, whites and creams. You can even find them in shimmery and sparkling flares. Shop the ones which come with designer bodice consisting of crochet patterns and flower designs. They come with different neck and sleeve styles. So you can easily pick one of these frocks or gowns with heavy flare for one of the wedding functions.

  • Wedding Party Skirts

Skirts are very comfortable clothing for little girls. You can shop for them in various styles which range from ruffle skirts to balloon skirts to tutu skirts for baby girl. They come in different lengths and patterns. You can match them up with smart tops and t-shirts for making it a perfect dress for wedding parties. They are stunning options for kids of all age groups.

  • Jumpsuits and Playsuits

If you are looking for complete attire then you can also go for summery fashionable jumpsuits and playsuits. They come in various colors, styles and fittings and are extremely comfortable for children. They promise a glamorous and gorgeous look for your little kid. You can dress your baby diva in these jumpsuits for a light evening function.

  • Traditional Salwar Kameez for Baby Girl

If you want to dress your child in some traditional outfit then salwar kameez is one of the hottest selling Indian attire for such occasions. You can have them in various patterns. You can go for the latest Anarkali styles or Patiala pattern depending upon your choice. Make sure whatever style you are selecting fits your girl right. There is no point buying too heavy clothing with lots of embellishments as they get really very uncomfortable. Also make sure that you select the right fabric. In summers, cotton is for sure the best choice.

  • Designer Girls Lehenga

Indian weddings are incomplete without lehengas. It is an attire that every girl loves to wear. For sure, buying a beautiful designer kids lehenga for your little girl is a good idea. You can shop for enthralling flare skirt with smartly fitted blouse and a comfortable to carry dupatta, if you wish to. This clothing can make your baby girl look the smartest and cutest girl at the function.

Styles for Baby Boys

When you are shopping for your baby boy then your choices are extremely limited. But with these options you can surely select something nice.

  • Elegant Kurta Pajama

Kurta pajamas are one of the most comfortable outfits. You can have them in different fabrics, styles and colors depending upon your choice. No matter what age is your kid, he will love to wear this outfit which is not just comfortable but also very ethnic in its appeal.

  • Kids Dhoti Kurta

You can also pick a pair of dhoti kurta for your little prince. This is one of the cutest children Kurta pajama for weddings. They come in different colors and are surely very traditional.

  • Sherwani

If you are looking for something heavy then sherwani is the best choice. You can have the one which is not too heavily embellished but is decent and well fitted. Some also come with a stole and you can select the ones you like.

  • Formal Suits

If you want to dress your child in formal wear then suits with formal pants, jackets and blazer for kid boy are the best choice. They promise to make your boy look like a handsome and smart kid.

All these choices are good enough to help you select some amazing clothing for your baby and make him the most smartly dressed kid at the wedding.

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