10 Best Place to Celebrate First Birthday Party in India

First Birthday Party Venues, Place ideas
First Birthday Party Place Ideas

Planning your baby’s first birthday party can get really taxing because when it is the first birthday party of your baby, you want to make it special in every sense and you also want to make sure that your baby enjoys it and you don’t get tired managing the things.

In case you don’t wish to host the birthday celebrations at your home then there are lost of places where celebrating your baby’s first birthday is a great idea. We have come up with a list of first birthday party venues or places that make interesting options to make it a celebration to remember for all. Have a quick look at these best kids’ birthday party places where your baby as well as you are going to have a fun time.

Pool Party

Pool Party First Birthday Party

A pool party at the kids pool is an interesting idea if you are planning a summer party for your baby. You can have the little ones enjoy splashing the water and having a fun time together. Some pools also offer rooms at the site to book in advance for the birthday parties and can be decorated to make it a cheerful birthday celebration.

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A Party at the Park

A Party at the Park First Birthday

There are so many local parks out there and they make a fun 1st birthday place to host the celebrations. They are loved by kids and make a very convenient place to plan and organize the celebrations. For the one year olds, you can simply put some balloons, have a kiddie pool filled with balls, pinwheels, bubbles etc. But make sure that you get the required permission before planning such an event.

Fun at indoor Play Areas

Fun at indoor Play Areas

There are so many different indoor play areas created for kids. They have something for all kids ranging from balls to blocks, cars to walkers, magnetic tiles to sensory toys and lots more. It is an interesting 1st birthday party place to book as some indoor play areas also have small cafeterias where you can book the meals for your guests.

1st Birthday at the Playground

1st Birthday at the Playground

Kids love playgrounds and they make one of the best places to host the birthday parties. With swings, monkey bars, slides around; you have a lot of options for your little guests to enjoy and be busy. Some playgrounds even have benches or gazebos that can be reserved in advance and decorated for the party. Don’t forget to book them before you miss them.

Book a Community Center

Book a Community Center for First Birthday Party

If you are looking for a convenient and pocket-friendly first birthday party place then a community center is something worth considering. Places like these offer rooms for tents and some also have pre-stocked toys which kids can use for playing. Book the place and have it decorated the way you like it.

Party at the Zoo

First Birthday Party at the Zoo

If you are thinking of a fun place to celebrate kids birthday then zoo is certainly a good choice to go with as kids love animals and spending some time amongst the animals, observing them, learning about them would be great fun. Kids would have a memorable time spending time at the zoo and with the animals and with the strollers, moving around would be so much easier.

Beaches and Lakesides

1st birthday celebration Beaches and Lakesides

Water always makes babies happy and hosting a birthday party on the beach is a great idea. You don’t really need much decorations to do and still it is going to look amazing. Don’t forget to carry lots of beach toys for babies to play with and have a good time. All kids are going to enjoy the sand, the water and the amazing fun they are going to have on the beach.

Celebrations at a Restaurant

Celebrations at a Restaurant

Another interesting child birthday party place is a kids friendly restaurant as such restaurants offer lots of choices of foods for the little guests as well as adults. French fries, pizzas, spaghettis are some of the most loved foods for one year olds and they are all on the menu with spices altered to suit their tastebuds. Some of these restaurants also have private space to host birthday parties.

Visit to a Farm

Visit to a Farm

Kids love animals and what can be a better place to have a birthday party than a farm. With lots of greenery under the sky and the animals to spend time with. The kids can also feed the animals, touch them or bathe them. Make sure that you look for such farms which allow such visits and some also have a small kitchen from where kids can enjoy fresh milk and other dairy delights.

A party at a Friend’s or Relative’s Place

A party at a Friend’s or Relative’s Place

If you have someone in the neighborhood or a relative like grandma or aunt who would be more than happy to have their backyard be the venue for your party then go ahead. You can always host the party at someone else’s house so that your baby is comfortable and you don’t have to do all the running around all by yourself as you have someone to manage things on your behalf.

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