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Baby shower is surely the most exciting day of celebrations for the new parents. It is usually an intimate gathering including family members, relatives and close friends. Hence, selecting a baby shower gift is an important task because you need to select from a list of baby shower gifts, the best gift which expresses your feelings and solves the purpose of the new baby and new parents.

When your sister or friend is all set to add a new member to her family then gift is surely something which can bother you a lot. Though there are amazing choices of gifts from which you can select like baby pools, baby booties, baby clothing etc. but finding the best one is the challenge. Have you been searching for the best gifts for new moms for baby shower and you are still not sure of what can be the best pick? Well read through this article which brings to you the top 10 gifts for baby shower to help you pick the best gift for the mum-to-be.

List of top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Sleep Sack

Every mother wants her baby to sleep comfortably and safely. The baby sleep sack is a best baby shower gift which ensures complete comfort and safety of the baby by keeping him packed in a cozy sack. There is no need for a pillow or blanket as it covers the little infant perfectly so that the mothers can relax. Gift the new mother assurance of healthy sleep with this amazing pick.


The most comfortable place for a baby is the womb of his mother. Woombie does just that by creating the similar environment as it is inside the womb thereby helping in healthier and faster growth of the newborn. It is extremely good for a healthy baby sleep. You can surely pick a vibrant woombie for the baby shower in some interesting colors and patterns.

Looking for a fun and unique way to announce your pregnancy? Our personalised baby announcement onesies are a great idea.

Baby Co-sleeper

Mums always want to keep their young ones in their close reach and a baby co-sleeper does just that. It keeps the baby close to his mother. It not only provides comfort and safety to the infant but also keeps the anxious and worried mother calm. You can gift a colorful co-sleeper to the new mum and she will love it for sure.

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12 Monthly Baby Boy and Girl Milestone Onesie India

Amazingly cute monthly milestone rompers and onesies for 12 months for baby boys and girls in India. Cute Milestone monthly rompers and onesies celebrating each and every month for first year of your baby boys and girls. Shop online adorable 12 monthly rompers set for baby boys and girls to dress them comfortably.

Front Carrier

When mother go out to markets to shop or restaurants to eat, they always want their babies to feel comfortable. Baby carrier is the best way to carry the infant when you are out. It fits the baby and creates a good grip. Both, the parent and the baby feel easy to move around. Parents are free to finish their shopping or food without getting irritated or feeling uncomfortable.

Baby Car Riding Chair

The safe and cozy riding chair is another great gift which makes it easier for parents to travel with their kid. The infant can be easily tied to the chair for complete safety and can be taken anywhere. It keeps the baby safe from jerks. Gift the new mum this fabulous chair so that she can take new newborn for a ride without safety issues.

 Nail Trimmer With Battery

A baby nail trimmer which operates on battery is another interesting gift for baby shower. It consists of cushioned pads which ensure safe and smooth trimming of delicate baby nails without hurting the newborn. It is a great relief for new mothers who find it tough to deal with soft and small delicate hands.

Baby Bouncing Chair

Colorful and comfortable bouncy chair is a great choice of gift for the newborn. It comes in different variants like ones fitted with music, hanging toys etc. These padded bouncy chairs are ideal for newborns to keep them happy, entertained and playful. Select the one with interesting add-ons in bright shades to make your gift stand out.

Huggable Baby Pacifier

This is a wonderful pacifier with a great twist. The pacifier comes attached with a baby pacifier so that the infant can hug it and hold on to it. It is a beautiful blend of a toy with the goodness of pacifier which soothes the baby. Gift this interesting variant and trendy variant of pacifier to the newborn.

Newborn Baby Gift Sets

It is a wonderful assortment of different things a baby needs like newborn baby clothes, baby shampoo, baby socks, baby bodysuits etc. in beautiful colors and patterns along with cute little baby toys. If you are too skeptical about what to pick then this is surely a great pick. Baby gift sets and Bodysuits come in different assortments with varying price ranges.

Baby Bath Kit

It is a beautiful assortment of all the baby essentials like baby soap, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby lotion and various other baby products and accessories. This interesting combination of baby cosmetics comes in a gift pack of all brands. You can select the one which fits your budget and choice.

These are some of the most appealing and interesting baby shower gifts which can be picked without any doubts. So resolve the confusion and start shopping what you like.

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