How To Pick a Perfect Tutu Dress for a Cake Smash Session?

Cake smash session tutu dress - 1st Birthday tutu Outfits

This is your baby’s very first birthday and you want to make it a special one in the best way possible. From decorations to dress, cake to menu; you want to make everything perfect and exquisite because it’s your princess who is turning one. One of the most interesting ways to celebrate this milestone is with a smash cake. If you don’t know what a cake smash session is and how to arrange for 1 year old cake smash session then we are here to help you with everything you need to know about cake smash along with suggesting cake smash tips for parents to pick a perfect tutu dress for her first birthday.

So here you go….

What is a Cake Smash Session??

Well it is just another way of celebrating the birthday. In this session, the guest of honor which is your princess in this case is given a special small cake which is placed on a table. For guests, a separate cake is ordered. As everyone begins to sing the birthday son, the baby smashes her little hands on the cake. 1 year old cake smash session gives the baby all the room to create a mess without any restrictions. This is also a beautiful moment to have cake smash photo sessions which are always going to remind you of this special occasion.

This occasion also demands you to pick a specially designed cake smash outfit for your baby in India. This exquisite dress is designed just for this wonderful day.

Picking Cake Smash Outfit

Well practically, letting your baby enjoy cake smash session in just her diaper is a good idea but because it is her birthday and you want to have cake smash photo session that will always be an integral part of your memories, you must pick something nice and pretty.

  • Cake Smash Tutu Dress

Dressing your baby girl in colorful and cute tutu dress for outdoor cake smash photos is a delightful thought. You can find these smart tutu dresses for birthdays in various colors and styles. This gives you all the room to pick what fits the color theme and budget. Go with something playful. Pick the one which complements the cake so that the pictures that you click are impeccable.

  • Cake Smash Tutu with Tees

You can also go with a beautiful tutu skirt matched with a t-shirt with ONE written on it. This would look cutest on your kid and would have the essence of her first birthday. You can buy it online or have it custom made. A tutu skirt that blends with the theme and a white t-shirt is a wonderful idea to go with.

  • Ruffled Rompers

Another choice of clothing is ruffled rompers in bright hues. They look really cute and pretty on little princess and are also very comfortable choice of dress for cake smash session on her first birthday.

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Accessorize Your Setting

To click some of the most amazing pictures of your daughter smashing the cake, here are some tips for the parents to keep in mind. Use of cake smash photo props can add more colors and creativity to the picture clicking session.

  • Use flowers to set up the table or the background. You can use fresh flowers or dry flowers to decorate the place where you are planning the cake smash session.
  • A bowl of ribbons or beads in matching or contrasting colors is another way of accessorizing the setting with something nice.

These are some of the tips for picking an enchanting outfit for cake smash for your little princess. With these tips, you can surely make this special day all the more fun and memorable. One important thing for the parents to remember is to buy two pairs of same dresses so that you can change the dirty tutu with a fresh one.

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