Lovely 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot Props and Preparations

1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot Props - Cake Smash outfits

Cake Smash photo shoots have become quite popular these days. To make first birthday memorable and fun in every sense, dressing up kids in adorable cake smash outfits for girls and boys along with unique cake smash photo shoot props are imperative. It is a special photography session which involves clicking the baby when he is busy indulging in the cake. Each cake smash photo shoot is unique and special in its own way as it depends upon the actions and reactions of the toddlers.  Just go with how it is going…. If the toddler is enjoying himself, great snaps are guaranteed!!!

Helpful Cake Smash Photography Tips to Follow

If you are also interested in birthday cake smash photo shoot for your baby then we have come up with everything you need, all the planning you need to do, in order to click adorable pictures. From 1st birthday outfit ideas to setting up the location and selecting the props, this post includes cake smash photography tips that promise breathtaking pictures.

Start with Location of Photo Shoot

  • Cake smash photos for boys and girls can be clicked inside a studio or any other outdoor location like a park or balcony or poolside.
  • Arranging for the shoot on the ground always helps as it is easier to clean and gives you more room to experiment with different angles to click perfect pictures.
  • Make sure there is enough natural light if it is an outdoor shoot.

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Cake Smash Outfit

  • 1st birthday cake smash outfit for boys and girls has to be very special.
  • It is important to discuss the idea of the look you desire for your toddler with the photographer so that nothing goes wrong.
  • If you are planning to keep it simple like a diaper, don’t miss on a cute diaper cover for a unique look.
  • If there is a theme on which you have decided, outfit should be in accordance with it.
  • Make sure that the outfit that you are picking matches perfectly with the backdrop, cake, props etc. you are planning to have.

Setup and Backdrop

  • Background must coordinate with props, outfit and cake making it a perfect theme.
  • Use of seamless paper is the best choice to have a lovely backdrop as it is very easy to clean. You can find it in different colors.
  • You can even select vinyl as it is equally comfortable to clean.
  • Adding up frills, balloons and various other decorations can lift up the mood of your backdrop.
  • Include the cake smash props you have planned to use.

Cake for Smashing

  • Order a separate small cake for the photo shoot, this will be other than the main birthday cake.
  • You can even go with cupcakes over regular birthday cakes.
  • Select from white or yellow frosting cake. Avoid dark colors.
  • Don’t miss on the big “1” candle to place on the cake.

Keep the Cleanup Ready

  • Once cake smashing is done, you will need to take your baby directly for a bath.
  • Keep the towel handy.
  • Make sure the place where you will give him a bath is also ready.

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More Cake Smash Photo Shoot Tips

Here are some few more tips which promise a better experience.

  • Toddlers get distracted very easily. So make sure there are minimum distractions to ruin his attention.
  • The setting of the camera has to be checked.
  • Ensure that the lighting is just perfect for the shoot. Exposure, aperture, shutter speed etc. have to be verified before the shoot.
  • Click the cake before the cake smash.
  • Don’t miss to take few pictures of your toddler before the event, keep them natural.
  • Let the baby enjoy the cake his own way!!!

These are all the tips you need to make birthday cake smash photo shoot for your toddler an exceptional one. So you are ready to get the best clicks of your baby who is soon going to celebrate his first birthday!!!

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