8 Mind-Blowing Kids Birthday E-Card Features That Make Them Awesome

Birthday arrangements not just involve setting up the place, deciding on the menu and taking care of the decorations. Well they also involve sending birthday invitations to the guests. We all want to have the best of the birthday cards that synch beautifully with our party theme; interesting enough to initiate the thinking process of the guests about the party. These days we see lots of wonderful paper less birthday cards, as we call them birthday e-cards, in fashion.

The trend of posting or delivering in person paper birthday invite is old and the latest trend involves sending quick and creatively designed digital kids birthday e-cards on Whatsapp or other social networking options. These paperless e-cards are highly affordable cards which can be designed just the way you desire.

Here are some of the most amazing 8 mind-blowing childrens birthday e-card features that make them the best choice for sending invitations.

1. Personalized Birthday Invites

E-cards give you all the room to personalize them as per your choice in easiest way possible. You can conveniently make changes in font size, font style, colors etc. to pick what you like. Not only this, you can also add image of your little baby on the card to create a perfect digital invitation on his or her special day to invite the guests.

2. Animated Cards for Kids

There is no limit to using your creativity.  You can also have these cards designed using animations for the birthday party. Imagine colorful balloons, sparkling candles and birthday song with the favorite cartoon characters of your baby will always be loved by the guests. With innovative animated e-cards for birthdays, you can surely compel your guests to be at the party without fail.

3. Send Them Online on Email or Whatsapp

Now you don’t have the hassles of posting the birthday cards because these e-cards can comfortably be send to any number of guests on your list. Just create a birthday party group on Whatsapp and send it to everyone whom you wish to invite. You can also send personalized emails with these awesome birthday invitations over email. Just one click and your invitation is sent!!!

4. Schedule The Date and Time

Because you will be extra busy with birthday preparations, to make sure you don’t miss on any guest and to ensure that your invitations reach on time, you can schedule the date and time of the invitation you wish to send. This will surely save you from the last minute rushes and will help you plan things in a more organized manner. All you need to do is select the right time and punch the details to send the e-card on time.

5. Special Birthday E-Cards Category

To suffice the need of birthday e-cards, we have a distinctive category of the same to help you search the best of birthday e-cards. This category offers a wonderful range of cards that have been designed especially for the special day. All the colors, images and graphics that have been used perfectly match the occasion to make sure that your guests are tempted to gear up for your party.

6. Easy on Pocket

These paperless cards are very much affordable birthday cards.  You can have as many as you want, in which ever design you need, along with whatsoever changes you wish to make without spending too much of money.

7. Real Time Invitations

With e-cards, you can send them right away to your guests; especially if you have missed on someone. They are so quick that they reach well in time and save you from the ambiguity that whether your invitation has reached or not.

8. Eco-Friendly Birthday Cards

To strike a balance and to save our environment for unnecessary wastage and deforestation, e-cards are responsible way of sending invitations. As they are digital, they help us save papers and cutting down on wastage thereby contributing in a small little way to the environment

With these super seven features of e-cards, you can send the best of the invitations to your guests.

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