Baby Shower: Tips on Party Timing & Invitation

Baby Shower Party Timing, Invitation Tips

Baby showers are always special whether they are for the first babies or for the second, third or fourth babies. They are a great way of pampering the mothers and sometimes the parents as they get ready to welcome a new addition in their family. They give the chance to them to prepare themselves for the new member. They can be hosted by their family, friends or anyone else.

Timing the Baby Shower

Baby Shower Party Timing

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

You can have the baby shower invitations printed or mailed traditionally but these days, baby shower invitations are mostly digital and are shared digitally. There are lost of baby shower invitation wordings and designs available for you to choose. Depending upon your choice and your party specifications, they can be designed in the most amazing way possible.

Shared below are some important points to help you design right kind of baby shower invitations:

  • The name of the mother or the name of the parents must always be included.
  • Don’t miss on including the date, time and location of the baby shower.
  • It is always better to include a request to RSVP and contact information as per the baby shower invitation etiquette.
  • You can always have the gift registry included with your incitation.
  • Other information like the gender of the baby can be included in your invitation.

Sending Baby Shower Invitations

Sending Baby Shower Invitations

This baby shower planning guide also includes details about the right time to send the baby shower invitations to your guest.

Ideally, the invitations are sent before three to six weeks before the shower. This is so because the guests in such a situation the guests get sufficient time to respond and also get enough time to get the gift if they are planning to get any.

Whom should I send invitation for my baby shower party?

Send invitation for my baby shower party

If you are wondering whom to invite for your baby shower celebrations then the answer is quite simple. You can invite all the people you are close to like your family, friends, relative and even your colleague from your office.

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