Basic Parenting Tips for Infants

Parenting Tips for Infants

No one is born with parenting skills. Hence none is perfect. Parents do make mistakes and if they happen to be first timers, they get all jumbled up and confused. You get frustrated at the constant hang over from baby care and wish to run away for some peace. But at the end of the day when you see those cute little eyes staring at you, all your frustration fades away. Such is the strength of a baby’s smile.

We have jot down a few basic parenting tips for your infant child as first timers:

Get over your fantasy

Bringing up your child is a roller coaster ride of emotions. You tend to remain in a constant hangover at least till the age of two. But it is not as tough as it seems. You will have fun too. When you hear their first words or when they laugh for the first time, the smile you get is unbeatable. Understand your baby’s needs and respond to it well.

Getting a helping hand

You are no super women and cannot do all the upbringings alone. Hence a helping hand from a family member or a friend after delivering the baby should be welcomed. Modern day mothers recruit nurses for few months to take care of their toddlers. If you belong to a nuclear family, a nurse can be of great help. You may learn how to hold, burp, change and care your baby. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about learning delicate stuffs like how to bathe a newborn baby etc.

Handling your toddler

Sanitize your hands before holding your baby to keep it away from infections. Newborns do not have a strong immunity therefore you need to handle them with care. Toddlers have very delicate spinal cord. Always support the head of the baby while holding it. And never ever shake the baby. Shaking leads to internal bleeding.

If you want to wake up your baby, tickle its cute little feet or blow gently on a cheek. This way both you and your kid will be on the safe side.

Relate to your baby

Your baby cannot expression it’s thought on its own. You will have to understand them by its activities. Hence that special string is very important. Your attachment will contribute to their physical and emotional growth. Here is a trick: Gently stroke and cradle your kid in different matter. Kids just love it.

Let is cry out loud

It is okay for kids at times to cry out loud. You do not have to panic every time they open their mouth. Most pediatricians mention that, we as parents, think our job is to make sure the baby is not crying. That’s because we associate crying with the fact that we are doing something wrong and we need to fix it. Babies are designed to cry. They can be perfectly diapered and fed and still cry like you are pulling an arm off. You can’t help it.

But if your baby is inconsolable for more than an hour something definitely must be going wrong. Most of the times it happens to be related to fever, rash, persistent vomiting, abdominal swelling etc. In that case, rush to your pediatrician.

Changing baby diapers

A clean diaper, fasteners, ointment, warm water in container and clean washcloth or wipes. All these should be at an arm’s length. If you are a first timer, you must have least idea about this stuff. Simply learn the technique of changing diaper from the nurse or an elder person in your family. You will have to! After removing the dirty diaper pat your baby’s skin dry and use petroleum jelly to prevent diaper rashes. Use only the best quality diapers as your baby’s skin is very delicate.

Do not sterilize everything

Your kid needs external contact too. You need not wrap them in cotton and sterilize everything. Contact with germs is very much needed to build it immune system. Therefore, let them get dirty, coz’ Daag acche hai (stains are good!).

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