10 Useful Tips to Follow If You’ve Got a Newborn at Home

Being a parent was never easy and if you are a new parent, taking care of a newborn is a challenge and also a wonderful experience and you have so many questions that keep bothering you!!! Newborn baby care starts from 1st month and is endless. We have come up with the most wonderful and most helpful tips for those who have a newborn at their home. With these guidelines on newborn care basics, you can surely manage your baby with much ease.

So read through these amazing tips baby care tips for new moms which promise better newborn baby care after birth.

Crack Swaddling Technique

baby Swaddling TechniqueTo make your baby sleep, to manage the cranky infant…. You can do all of this by learning the swaddling technique which promises a happily sleeping baby. And the baby who sleeps well, cries less and grows better. So make sure that you get this wonderful technique right to help you baby sleep better. You can also click cute baby pictures after covering him up in a swaddle

Car Kit for Baby

Car Kit for BabyStay easy and avoid the hush with a baby car kit which is always ready so that you can move out of the house without having to manage the last minute rushes of arranging the infant’s much needed bag. Include in it extra change of clothing along with essentials like baby wipes, diapers, a blanket, a bib, top fed for the baby and sterilized bottle along with other newborn baby care products. And if your baby is big enough to eat, you can also add to it some biscuits or fruits.

A Quick Cough Solution

baby Cough SolutionCold and cough are very common with babies, so make sure you have some handy medicine always ready to ease this problem. You can keep some cough syrup along with a pair of socks and cap, if its winter time to keep him warm when you are out. Seek doctor’s advice to pick a good cough medicine.

Teething Pops

baby Teething PopsIf your baby has started with teething then you must keep some help always ready to make sure your little one doesn’t get cranky. Teething popsicles are a wonderful idea to ease the discomfort. You can go with baby pacifiers or popsicle forms. Fill them up with formula or breast milk and freeze them up. Whenever your baby feels uncomfortable, give them these teething pops which will make them feel better.

Deal With Gas Issues

Deal With Gas IssuesAll babies suffer from gas issues. This is because there is no movement. To help them feel better, make them lie on their stomach and move their legs as if there are pedaling a bicycle. This will help the gas inside the system move which will ultimately make your baby feel a lot better.

While Changing Diaper

While Changing Diaper babyAlways place the fresh diaper under the baby when you are about the change the present one. After that all you need to do is pull the dirty one and cover him up in the fresh one. In this trick, you will be able to save your bed in case your baby is in the habit to pee while changing the diaper, saving you from all the hassle. Check This : Why Cloth Diapers are Better for Babies?

Diaper Cream Application

baby Diaper Cream ApplicationWe often use our hands to apply the cream. The best way to avoid the mess of cream application and to make sure that it doesn’t cause any stains is to apply the cream using the diaper cream application or simply use a brush to accomplish this task. This will save you from all the mess.

White Noise Lullaby

White Noise LullabyIt is all about creating a womb-like environment for the baby when he is asleep or to make him sleep. You can download some of these white noise lullabies which ensure that the baby sleeps comfortably.

One Piece Bodysuits and Onesies for Babies

baby One Piece Bodysuits and OnesiesThe one clothing for the baby which is very much essential to pick is the onesie and one piece bodysuits. This is the most comfortable and covered way of dressing up the baby. To keep it easy and smooth, you can pick the ones which come with front buttons from top to bottom, making them very easy and quick to change. You don’t have to struggle them to change.

Burp After Meals

baby Burp After MealsBecause the baby is always on his back, it is very important that once you have given him the feed, you make him burp to ensure that the food has reached to the next level. Just place your baby against your chest and gently press on his back once you have fed him. This will help him take a burp. It is very important to make sure that he doesn’t vomit out the feed.

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