Why Cloth Diapers are Better for Babies? Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Pros and Cons

Why baby cloth diapers are better - Newborn baby cloth diaper

Being a mother is not easy. Each and every day, you have to take various different decisions concerning your baby. The most common questions that pester each and every mommy are: can we use diapers for newborn baby or is diaper safe for baby boys. This is because we are still not sure whether using diapers for babies is good or bad. We have reasons that tell why cloth diapers are bad or why diapers are not a healthy pick for babies.

In this post, we will put an end to this confusion by highlighting advantages and disadvantages of cloth diapers.

Learn More About Cloth Diapers

Before moving ahead, let us first understand what cloth diapers are. We know that our mothers and grandmothers used cloth nappies that required to be changed very often. These nappies have now transformed into cloth diapers which are way easier and hygienic in comparison to the cloth nappies that were used a few decades ago.

They are made using either or both natural fiber and man-made materials. They are basically the best choice between cloth nappies and disposable diapers.

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Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Pros and Cons

Have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of cloth diapers over disposable ones to make a wise choice:

Chemical Free

Cloth diapers are the better choice because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals which have known to affect the fertility as children grow if they use disposable diapers. They are a combination of natural fiber and man-made material which are skin-friendly and promise good hygiene levels without affecting their sensitive private parts.

Less Chances of Rash

With a disposable diaper, the chances of having rash are quite high in babies. This is because of the chemicals used in manufacturing them and also because of the prolonged used of diaper for too long. This causes redness and rashes on the sensitive baby skin. When you use cloth diapers, the chances of developing rash are minimized as there are no chemicals involved and diapers are changed after every few hours keeping the area clean and dry.

Low Trash

On a regular day, a baby will need anywhere between 6 to 12 diapers every day. This means that if you are using disposable diapers then your baby will require 45 to 80 diapers weekly thereby creating a huge amount of trash. In case of cloth diapers, you would only need 20 to 30 diapers as they can be washed and reused. This makes them environment friendly as you are creating hardly any trash compared to disposable diapers.

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One Size Fits All

Cloth diapers come in one size that comfortably fits on all babies thereby ensuring a leak-proof fit. They promise good fit and are very conveniently adjustable. On the other hand, in case of disposable diapers, there are still some chances of leakage and a baby can also tear them because of the material that goes into their making.

Clean and Hygienic Bottom

It is very important to keep your newborn’s bottom clean and dry and it is possible with a cloth diaper because in case of disposable diapers, parents often don’t change them until and unless the baby has pooped into them because of their high price.

Budget Friendly

One disposable diaper costs on an average Rs.12 a piece which is quite a price when you are using them on regular basis. Therefore, they are not at all pocket friendly. On the contrary, a premium quality cloth diaper will cost you only Rs.2000 and will last easily for around 24 months. This is a very budget friendly choice of diaper which is not only healthy but also hygienic.

No Mess

There are chances that the poop may ooze out in a disposable diaper and create a mess. But in case of a cloth diaper, you can stay easy as chances of this kind of a malfunction are not there. The present day cloth diapers promise a good fit which doesn’t let anything ooze out as a shock for mommies.

Lots of Colours to Choose

Cloth diapers come in various colours and prints making them a cute pick for the infants. You can have them in various colours to keep the baby diapers lively and innovative.


Not only you can use the cloth diapers for your baby over and over but you can also pass them on to other babies. Therefore, they are a good investment with a great life.

So, now you know which diapers are good for your newborn baby.

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