Best Quality Baby Diapers Available in India

Durability is one of the most essential parameter attached to best quality diaper. The bottom line is your baby has to feel comfortable and get rid of painful skin rashes. Oversized or ill-fitting diapers bring headache to you and discomfort to your kid. Low quality diapers are attached with common problems such as skin irritation and leakage. The Indian diaper market is quite old. Few brands such as huggies have become trademark of baby diapers in the country.

Of the best are the overnight diapers with impressive absorbency levels. They are especially designed to absorb fluids all night long leaving your toddler dry and odor-free. Some of these snug and super absorbent diapers also come in fun nighttime themes for your kid.

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Today, we are up with the top 5 best quality diapers available in India.

Pampers Active Baby

pampers diapers

Pampers come in different ranges. Some have uninterrupted, driest comforts for your baby while others are wrapped in softness and caressed in comfort. Again some come in amazing dryness in pants form and some with magic gel- 10 hours dryness.

The diapers provide comfortable fit along with an extra dry layer to prevent fluids from blotting the sheets. Thereby saving mommies extra time to play with their little prince or princesses. Your toddler’s skin remains soft and moisturized throughout the day.


Huggies DiapersHuggies believe that – Baby’s skin is very soft and tender so it is important that it receives the right kind of care. Hence their diapers are clinically proven to prevent rashes. It keeps the skin dry and fresh.

The blue speed dry layer absorbs wetness instantly and the cloth-like air fresh cover allows air to flow in and out of the diaper to keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh. The soft & snug waistband makes it easier for your baby to move around.

Libero Baby Diapers

Libero Baby DiapersLibero is another best quality rash free baby diaper brand in India. It uses material like non -woven cloth, cloth like breathable film, fluff pulp, SAP and velcro tape that works as perfect absorbent to keep your baby comfortable for long. The wonderful velcro tapes can be used to re-adjustment the nappy.

This high quality diaper is immensely skin friendly and regulate high leakage. It includes natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Chamomille and Olive Oil to keep your baby moisturized and avoid skin rashes.

MamyPoko Pants

Wipro Baby Soft DiapersMamyPoko Pants is comfort. First of its kind Pant Style Diaper in India, it has soft elastic and no tapes. It remains gentle on your kid’s sensitive skin and prevents rashes. Plus it is easy to wear.

MamyPoko products are customized in accordance to each stage of your baby’s development and mould its features accordingly. As they say, “We take into account not only changes in baby’s size, but also changes in baby’s motor skills and in the quantity and consistency of baby’s urine and stools.”. These are probably one of most trusted diaper brand in the Indian market.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Baby DiapersJohnson & Johnson is one of the top American multinational brands which have been effectively marketing in India. Mostly known for its baby products, diapers from Johnson & Johnson are the best in the market.

It has been rated as the perfect product trusted by moms worldwide. The diapers are skin friendly and keep your baby moisturized and happy all day long. It does not cause skin allergies, irritations and above all is easy and convenient to use.

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