Is it Needed To Wash Newborn Baby’s Clothes Before Using Them?

Wash Newborn Baby Clothes Before Using

As parents, we are very cautious with our newborn baby. We would always double check everything to make sure that it is right for our little one. This is so because the baby is really very sensitive and we want to take all possible precautions to make sure that nothing goes wrong, nothing hurts him.

You must have heard some parents say that they always wash the new clothes of their newborn babies before using them. Many parents do so and they have reasons to it. Let us have a look at some of these reasons which would justify this decision:

Frees them from germs

The clothes that you have picked for your newborn baby have travelled through all possible places and hands before reaching to you. You have no idea how properly they were packed or taken care of in order to maintain the hygiene or cleanliness levels. By washing them before using, you are simply making sure that there are so such germs or chemicals on the clothing.

Doesn’t hurt the baby skin

The skin of the newborn babies is extremely sensitive and demands extra care and attention. Therefore, by washing the new clothes before using them, you are making sure that there is nothing left in the clothes that can hurt the baby skin. Clean clothes would never lead to rashes or allergy.

Check for color bleeding

Sometimes, some clothes end up bleeding. Washing them before using them helps you know that the colors of the cloth are fast enough. This would again help you know that they are safe to be worn by your baby.

Quality of the clothing

The quality of the clothing reflects right after the first wash. Once you have washed the new clothes, you would know how good the fabric is, how fast the colors are. These would surely make you more confident of using them.

These are some of the reasons which suggest that you must always wash the new clothes before putting them on your newborn baby. It is extremely important to be extra careful with cleanliness of clothes because little ones end up taking them in their mouth and if there are any chemicals present in them, then they can be damaging.

So before you use any fresh clothing on your newborn baby, have it washed in a good quality detergent to leave no room for any doubts. The best idea would be to have them washed before your delivery so that you are sorted and clothes are handy to be used.

What is the best washing powder to wash baby clothes in India?

Washing powder for washing baby clothes has to be tender on their skin. Therefore, it is important to go with detergents which are non-bio washing powers or non-bio liquid detergents as they are skin-friendly and do not harm the sensitive skin of the little ones.

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