10 Ways That Help You Save on Kids Clothing

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If we look back then having kids was surely much easier. It was more comfortable to buy kids dresses as there were lots of options to procure children clothes. There were lots of hand-me-down clothing options, the prices of kids wear were not so high and you could buy onesies at cheaper prices. But now things have changed. The children clothes are really expensive on pocket because they are expensive and also because babies grow out of their clothes too fast, every few months down the line, you need to buy new apparels for them.

This article brings to you 10 super saving tips that help you save your money on buying party wear and casual kids clothing in India. So read the points given below to find out how you can dress your toddler in best of clothes for weddings and birthday parties without spending lots of money.

1. Sharing is Caring

It is always good to share kids clothes. This saves your money, time and energy that you put in buying baby clothing. If you are gifted with a baby girl and you have a cousin or a friend who had delivered a baby girl just a few months ago then you can always ask for her child’s dresses which are too small for her toddler now.

2. Don’t Buy Gender Specific Clothing

It is always good to buy gender neutral baby dresses as they offer you all the more options to use them. This helps you sell them and swap them with your friend’s kids. Make sure that you shop for money and more kids apparel that can be worn by both baby girls and boys. This will also make it so much easier for you to use when you plan your next child.

3. Buy From Sales

There are so many sales taking place when there is a change of season. It is the best time to plan and pick clothing for your toddler because you get them at half the prices. But the only point to keep in mind is that you buy things after lots of planning so that you don’t end up wasting your money in purchasing unnecessary casual or party wear dresses for your child.

4. Buy From Export Surplus or Seconds Sale

This is another way to save your money. You can always shop for kids clothing from export surplus or seconds sales in India. These are exhibits in which all those items are sold which have been rejected for sale in the market because of minute defects in them, which are not very much visible. You can get them at very cheap prices. This way you can dress your infant in cheaply priced branded dresses.

5. Explore Online Markets

This is the latest buzz. Moms in all big cities have started to shop online for kids diapers, cosmetics and even clothes. This is so because it saves their time, energy and also money. You can have the best of birthday party dresses and wedding attires for your child from some of the online stores which offer amazing deals and promotional offers which are a big saving.

6. Buy Used Clothing

There are various websites which are offering baby clothing for very cheap prices as they are used. Parents are selling the used dresses of their kids online. This makes them so much affordable and comfortable for you to purchase branded apparels for your child. Remember, there is nothing to feel bad about. Just wash them and use them and anyway your baby is going to wear them just a few times.

7. Sell Outgrown Clothing

You can also make some money by selling the outgrown clothing of your baby. There are many more parents wanting such dresses. This will help you make some money by selling all those apparels which are of no good to you. Instead of storing them in cupboards and trunks, you can sell them off at reasonable prices. You can do so through various websites which help you put up your item for sale on their marketplace.

8. Buy Local Brands

There are so many local brands which are offering quality clothing options for kids in India. You can find out one such store in your city which offers good apparels for children at best prices. This is a good way to shop when you don’t want to put in lots of money and you are looking for good options to buy.

9. Look for Online Coupons and Deals

There are so many brands offering great deals and promotional offers on internet. You must keep yourself updated with what coupons are they offering. This is a great way to make the best use of your money. You can easily save lots of money by striking these deals.

10. Optimum Utilization of Clothes

Whenever you buy any dress for your toddler, make sure that you use it to the best possible levels. There is no intelligence in buying lots of dresses and not being able to use some of them. Moms often end up engaging in unnecessary shopping because kids clothing is so cute and adorable. Stop and first use what you have.

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