How to Prepare Traveling to India with Infants

Tips for Traveling to India with Infants

What media has been portraying India is as a maze of pollution, crime and chaos. Here I am referring to Slumdog Millionnaire. Well, unfortunately, I won’t deny any such accusation. But there is always the other side of the coin. India is a country dipped in such rich culture, history and heritage which you won’t find elsewhere in the world. It is in this country only where you will find age old temples and avant-garde nightclubs at the same locality yet none disturbs the other.  Truly the most intriguing place to visit on earth!

Many couples get excited to travel to India with their new born baby especially if they are Indians living abroad. They want to get back to India to share their god news and happiness with family and friends and especially for the Mundan ceremony. But, travelling to India with infants is not a piece of cake. They normally remain highly exposed to food related and waterborne diseases. Hence, you as parents need to be prepared well in advance for any casualties on the way. Not because you are travelling to India, but simply because your child’s immune system is not developed. You require special handling of your new born child.

If you are a first timer there are a lot of things that might go wrong. Hence, do not panic. Here is a checklist to help you travel to India with your infant. Read it out with care.

Dos and don’ts of travelling by airline

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things to do is to apply for your child’s passport. No matter how young your baby is, it will still require a passport. Therefore, do not mess it up or wait for last moments to jumble up things.

If you are traveling with an infant you have to make sure that your co passengers face no trouble in the journey. Enquire about baby facilities provided by the airline you plan on travelling. Most airlines in general make sure that your infant has a safe and comfortable journey. Almost all aircrafts provide facilities such as special baby bassinets and baby food package. The toilets have special fold-down tables that can be used for changing diapers. Some of them also provide diapers, a small tube of diaper rash cream and infant food on request.

However, it is always wise to carry formula, breast milk, juice and diapers just to be on the safe side. Also keep this in mind that you may not get enough hot water to wash the feeding bottles in transit. Therefore, do carry disposable feeders in advance.

Facilities you get in India

India is hub to international brands in the market. People are gradually becoming brand conscious and paving way for more. Baby supplies are easily accessible in malls and shops in India. You will find everything from diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers to Avent bottles and Johnson & Johnson packages.

The Mothercare stores available will help you experience a one-stop baby shopping for all your toddlers need. You may shop for your infant clothing and accessories such as baby headbands, baby shoes and socks etc.

Accommodation in India

If you are with an infant, opt for three star hotels. Plus the area should be densely populated and centrally located with basic amenities such as 24X7 running water facilities. If you may, you can go for concierge service. This way if you have a guide who can translate into the local language for you, your trip will be much more pleasant.

Food for kids in India

Rice is the staple food of the country and combined with yogurt for ingestion or other stomach related problem. People in India love spicy food. Kids love naans and plain dosas and the sweets available in every nook and corner of the country. Again the curries and tandoori delicacies are a delight. But since you are traveling with an infant, make sure you ask them to tone down the spices.

Probable disease you may catch in India

Diarrhea, common cold, cough and fever are a few common occurrences. Infants are more aligned to catch diarrhea and other gastrointestinal illness during long journeys. Factors like change of environment, food and lifestyle may infect the immune system of infants. Consult your pediatrician and carry proper medications with you.

Again due to high temperature, your toddler may get diaper rashes. Consult your pediatrician and carry along good diaper rash protector like Sudocrem, Desitin, Balmex, Himalaya and Johnson & Johnson diaper rash cream etc. Nycil Powder (blue one) also works wonders.


Remember that infants cannot express their feelings straight. Therefore always lookout for signs. A few of them will be loss of appetite, change in sleep patterns, lack of energy and irritability. If symptoms persist, do not delay in consulting your doctor.

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