10 Easy Tips and Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas

Tips for Baby's First Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, preparations are on full swing to make up for the best celebrations. If this is your baby’s very first Christmas then you must gear up to make it the most special one for him. There are so many small but thoughtful things that you can do. This article unfolds 10 easy tips and traditions that can add more colors and glory to your baby’s very first Christmas and make it the happiest and most unforgettable memory of his life. Let us have a look at some of these traditions and guidelines which are worth a read……

1. Begin a Tradition

You can always start up a new tradition on the first Christmas of your little baby. It can be anything small which you can easily continue for years. This is the best way to make it memorable and special. You can take some hints from something that you used to do as a kid. It can be tree lightening ceremony, a firework program or playing a treasure hunt game with gifts. This is something special which will always be an important part of your Christmas celebration.

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2. Make a Handmade Ornament

Use your creativity and artistic style to make beautiful handmade ornament for the Christmas tree. You can use pictures of your baby along with the ones of your different family members along with different holiday motifs to make your tree look the most special and beautiful on this auspicious occasion. When you kid grows older, you can also make him participate in this activity which is total fun.

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3. Do-It-Yourself Baby’s First Pair of Stockings

This is something very thoughtful and special for your baby. Use all your skills to design special and exquisite stockings for your baby. You can find amazing ideas on internet for designing beautiful, comfortable and fashionable stockings. Markets also offer a vibrant range of DIY kits which make this task super easy for you. This is another amazing idea to make Christmas celebrations special.

4. Preserve Your Baby’s Handprints

On this special occasion, you can always do something which will stay with you all your life. You can take your baby’s cute little hands prints to capture them for life and use them as the beautifully preserved memory. You can keep it framed in your house with his name engrossed on it. This is such an emotional and innovative thing to do.

5. Create a Musical Memory

Music is something which is so pious and melodious. The first song of Christmas is always special and hearing it for the first time in the season makes you happy. You can create a personalized list of Christmas carols and songs to make it a musical celebration. Include the melodious track in your playlist so that you can enjoy the best music with your family and friends.

6. Send a Personal Message Especially from Santa

Santa has always been very special for kids. They love him from the core of their heart. Sending a personal message for your baby on behalf of Santa is a wonderful thing. You can have it video recorded or just simply written on a red colored letter to make it sound beautiful and heartfelt. This is something your toddler is going to enjoy to the fullest. Make his first Christmas special by sending a cute message to him.

7. Gift a Bag of Goodies

You can always gift your infant a beautiful bag of goodies containing the best of the things which he enjoys to make it a tradition for every year. He is going to enjoy such an amazing present which has all the desirable gifts wrapped in a surprise package.

8. Play a Treasure Hunt Game

Instead of simply placing the gifts in his stockings or under the Christmas tree, you can start placing all the presents at different locations in the house to make it more entertaining for your little baby. Encourage him to find the maximum games and your baby is thoroughly going to enjoy this wonderful task.

9. Holiday Countdown Jar

Make it more interesting by having 24 strips in colors like red, green and white on which you can write different activities to be done with your toddler. Put everything from shopping to making a snowman as this will make it all the more interesting and playful. Make a tradition on Christmas every year to add more fun to the celebrations. Bring in more spice and add more vigor to the celebrations.

10. Prepare a Christmas Time Capsule

Include all the very first things of your baby ranging from the first clothes she wore to the first pair of shoes to the first accessories he used and make it a memory carton to which you can revisit whenever you want. Keep collecting different kind of stuff every year as your kid grows and keep tagging the cartons.

Choose from the list of these 10 amazing traditions and tips which can revive the very first Christmas celebrations of your little baby.

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