Gorgeous Santa Claus Costumes for Babies in India

Santa Claus Costumes for Babies

With the advent of winters, we all start waiting for the fun and entertaining Christmas days. It is one the most enthralling times when we want to be with our family and friends to make up for the best times together. It is the time to eat, treat, party, dance and dress beautifully. This is one time that everyone wants to dress up in gorgeous white and red colored Santa Claus costumes. Even in India, people love to dress their cute little babies in these vibrant and bright Santa Claus costumes which are so beautiful and perfect for the occasion.

If you also have a small kid in your house then dressing him like Santa on the occasion of Christmas is a great idea. There is just one important thing that you need to keep in mind while buying or designing a cute costume for him i.e. you need to follow the combination of white on red which marks the feel of Santa Claus in every manner.

Let us have a quick look at some of the important points that make up for the perfect attire for your kid in India.

Main Components of Santa Claus Costume

  • The Dress

The first and the foremost important component of this attire is the dress. You must make sure that the dress that you buy for your child fits him right or else he will not be comfortable wearing it. Choose a soft and convenient material to dress so that he can enjoy the look without any inconvenience. As we all know that it should be a bright red color with a combination of white on the ends.

  • The Cap

The next thing which comes in the attire is the cap. Pick for a cute pointed cap with a cotton fur ball on the tip. This makes up for a perfect Santa Claus look for the baby. If you are unable to find a cap which fits his head then you can always go for a monkey cap which you can easily fold into a well fitted Santa cap. Later you can stick to it a layer of cotton wool on its brim. This will make up for a comfortable and great looking cap.

  • The Footwear and the Belt

Another most important component element of this dress is the footwear and the belt. You can make your child wear any kind of shoes but if you wish to be specific then black boots are the perfect choice for the perfect look. If your baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable then you can also make him wear a black letter belt on the waist for closest resemblance with Santa Claus.

  • Beard

If you are sending your baby to a fancy dress competition or he is too keen on looking perfectly like Santa Claus in every sense then. And he will look like the cutest Santa that you have ever seen in your life.

  • Accessories

If you have to send your kid to a fancy dress competition dressed up as cute little Santa then you must make sure that you give him one of the most important accessories i.e. a goodies bag which Santa carries with him wherever he goes. This red colored cotton bag should be light and easy to hold behind his back. This will surely complete his look in every sense and make him win all the attention and hearts.

These are some of the essentials which are a must for a Santa Claus costume. It is all about following the theme of red and white. If you wish to dress up your little babies is this vibrant costume then make sure that you follow all these points keeping the comfort of your kid in mind.

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  • Nithya December 5, 2015, 4:57 PM

    How can i buy this x mas dress for my baby


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