Different Ways to Keep Your Baby Healthy Through Weather Changes

Keep Your Baby Healthy Through Weather Changes, how to protect child

Whenever there is a weather change there are chances for adults to fall sick due to viral infections. You can take some precautions to prevent yourself and your baby from getting sick. We have listed some precautions how to protect your baby from falling sick.

Breastfeed and immunize: Various research studies show that when a baby is breastfed and immunizations are given as per doctor’s advice and schedule given by him, the baby says strong and healthy. The best way is to breastfeed your baby for the first six months and give her vaccines on time.

Dress for the weather: Your baby should be in a comfortable Dress when you take her/him out for a couple of hours. The best way to dress you baby is in layers. This will keep your baby warm. If she feels very warm, you can always remove some layers to make her feel comfortable.

Bathe your baby safely: Whenever you give a bath to your baby, there are high chances that you baby will catch cold. These simple steps should prevent your baby from catching cold.

  • The temperature of the bathroom and bed room/changing room should be the same. This could mean that you give your baby a massage in bedroom near a heater and then take him for a shower. You can dry him in the same bedroom after a bath. If you avoid sudden temperature changes, this can prevent your baby from falling sick.
  • When you give a massage or a bath or dry pat your baby, make sure that there is no cold breeze coming on your baby.
  • Give a bath when your baby does not feel very cold. Also identify the time when the day gets warmer to give a bath to your darling baby.
  • Make sure she/he is absolutely dry and you don’t turn the fan or air conditioner before you complete the complete the bath process. Ensure that her hair is dry too.

Give your baby a balanced diet: If you are already feeding solid food to your baby, then plan a well-balanced diet to your baby. A good diet can give vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats etc to your baby. A proper balanced diet can boost the immunity of your baby.

Pay attention to hygiene: Your surroundings should be clean and contamination free. Most of the time babies fall sick because the persons around her/him are infected. This infection can pass from one person to another through cold, cough and mucus.

If you are sick and you are feeding your baby, then the anti-bodies from the breast milk will keep your baby healthy. However, she can be exposed to virus and bacteria from others. Infected mucus on toys, dirty hands touching your baby can make her fall ill.

  • Wash your hands before you lift or touch your baby. Also people who are baby’s care takers should wash their hands
  • Always carry your own toys and books when you take your baby for immunizations.
  • Avoid crowded places when you go out with your baby.
  • If your baby goes to baby care center or a day care then make sure you interact with the supervisor who takes care of the children. If there are sick children there are high chances that your child gets infected.
  • Make sure your home is well-aerated or well-ventilated.
  • Your baby may fall sick occasionally despite of all the precautions taken. It may not be because you have not taken enough precautions.
  • Don’t worry too much if your baby falls sick once in a while. Occasionally falling sick a part of growing up. Your baby will build immune system gradually. Take enough precautions and make sure you take your baby to a doctor and don’t neglect most common cold, cough fever and flu.

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