Amazing Health Benefits of Curd for Babies | Yogurt for Toddlers and Kids

Health Benefits of Curd for Babies, yogurt for toddlers, Kids food

When the babies start to grow, moms are always worried about their healthy diet. This is because babies are usually picky with what they want to eat and therefore, the essential nutrients are often missing from their diet.

Curd has always been the most loved food by most of the kids. The subtle sweet taste of yogurt is preferred by children. And not only babies but mothers are also very happy with healthy dahi as it can be paired with any other food item or fruit for a wholesome and filling meal for the little tummy!!!

Health Benefits of Yogurt for Babies and Kids

We have come up with a few health benefits of curd for babies which make it a wonderful choice of meal for the little ones. Let us find out what these advantages are:

High in Nutrients

Dahi has been found to be rich in various nutrients. Not only it is rich in water and proteins but is also contains carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in good proportion which make it a wholesome meal for the babies who are constantly growing.

Easy to Digest

We are aware that curd is formed by the process of fermentation by a bacteria. This bacteria is known to make the process of digestion smoother. Therefore, if you are feeding your baby with yogurt on daily basis, his digestion will stay in good shape.

Strengthens Immune System

Lactic acid helps in imparting strength to the immune system of kids by removing from the system that is known for causing problems like diarrhoea and dysentery in children thereby keeping them healthy.

Helps Sleep Better

Babies can sleep better when they are given yogurt because of its soothing and calming nature.

Cures Gastric Issues

All the discomfort and irritation in the stomach because of gas can be cured by feeding the baby with dahi. This is because of the Lactic acid which is effective in neutralizing acid-alkali balance of the system.

Treating Eczema in Kids

Usually kids between 2 to 4 months of age develop certain skin allergies or eczemas. The findings of a research suggest that feeding babies with yogurt can reduce the risk of developing these allergies can reduce up to 70 per cent.

These are some of the amazing benefits of curd for babies. So if your kid enjoys strawberry yogurt or mango shreekhand, don’t stop him from eating these delightful combinations because they are very healthy.

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