How to Choose Bottles for Your Baby

Choosing right Baby Bottles

For new parents, buying stuff for their infants is a big task. They need to keep in mind all the basic details related with their feeding, sleeping, dressing, bathing.

In this regard, feeding is surely one of the most important things you need to focus. Choosing the right kind of feeding bottle for your baby is surely important. It may not be very useful in regular situations but in certain feeding conditions, you must choose the right one so that you can feed your newborn baby with complete comfort and ease.

This article brings to you some useful points which must be kept in mind while purchasing bottles for your infant. Do keep them in focus to ensure perfect selection.

Start With Nipples

  • Shape of the Nipples

It is advised that you look into the shape of the nipple. If you are breastfeeding your infant and you are looking for an occasional option for feeding him then you must buy a bottle with wide base nipples that are designed in sync with the shape of a mother’s breast. This makes it a lot easier for the baby to switch from breastfeeding to a bottle.

  • Flow Rate of Nipples

This is the second most important thing for a comfortable and convenient feeding. The speed at which breast milk comes varies a lot from the regular bottle feeding. But many baby product brands have come up with specially designed nipples which vary according to the speed. For an infant, you need the ones with slower flow so that they can drink it at slow pace. Likewise, you can buy the ones with faster flow as they will get tired drinking milk for a slower flow nipple. You can keep increasing the size with the growth of your baby.

  • Material

These days most of the bottles come with silicone nipples. They do not pick smells or taste. They do not carry allergies like other materials. Moreover, your baby cannot make a hole in it by chewing it with their teeth. This reduces the risk of choking. So remember that you buy a silicone nipple only.

Move on to Bottle

  • Material of Bottle

Now a day more and more people prefer glass bottles after becoming aware of the chemically made plastics. They last long and are quite easy to clean but they also pose a risk to the mother as well as the baby. In such a scenario, buying a BPA free bottle is the best choice. They are surely much safer than the regular plastic ones. If you are buying a polycarbonate bottle which is not BPA free then do not use it in microwave or dishwasher and do throw it once it has got scratches or has become cloudy.

  • Shape of the Bottle

One of the most important problems with babies is that they swallow more air while taking the bottle feed which results into discomfort in their tummy. There are finely designed bottles to ensure a vent. You can buy angled shaped bottles which prevent air to enter inside baby’s tummy. Do not forget to look into the factors like cleaning convenience, dishwasher and microwave usage while buying an odd shape otherwise it can cause all kinds of handling problems.

Check for the Bottle Size

A mother must know how much feed is needed for the baby and bottle purchase must be done accordingly. For a newborn baby 4 ounce size bottle is good enough. You can gradually increase this size to 9 ounce as your baby grows and starts demanding more feed. You can also buy a 9 ounce bottle in the start and fill it as per the need of the baby by following the measurement marks on it.

Look for Leakage

It is very important to buy a bottle which doesn’t leak or else it can cause a lot of discomfort while feeding the baby or carrying the bottle in your bag. The more the vents, the higher the chances of leakage. Do not go for a weird shape or a stylish design as chances of leakage multiply in such a situation thereby causing daily inconvenience.

Cleaning Concerns

This is one of the most important things which a mother must look into. Having a bottle with least number of parts is good because you will be required to wash it every day. You will also be required to sterilize them, make sure that duration is not too long. This is one of the most important points you must look into.

Drop-In Bottle Liners

Always buy a drop-in bottle liner which is a flexible plastic bag that fits inside some bottle systems and can be discarded after meals. This saves you too much of washing and cleaning. All that you are required to wash is the nipple and rest everything stays clean. This also saves you from concerns related with plastics and chemicals.

These are some of the points that must be a part of your knowledge when you head to market for purchasing the best bottle for feeding your baby.

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