How To Choose Baby Girl Headbands

How To Choose Baby Girl Headbands, Toddler hair accessories India

While dressing up your baby girl, the most challenging task is to dress her hair. Baby girl hair accessories comprising of hair clips, hair pins and bow headbands are few of the choices to stylize those soft and delicate hair. Out of these, cute baby headbands promise a comfortable wear along with amazing style. These headbands come in various patterns and makes. As a mother, you cannot simply fall for the appeal of the hair bands but you also need to look into various other factors to ensure ultimate ease of wearing this hair accessory.

Find out the essential points to keep in mind while shopping for infant headbands so that you never go wrong. Have a look at these tips to make the wisest pick for your princess.

Material of the Headband

Baby headbands are crafted on different materials like natural cottons and bamboo yarns and other artificial fabrics like satin etc. Go with the material which is soft on baby skin and allows breathability. Material is important as it comes in direct contact with the tender skin of your infant. Therefore, natural fabrics are the best choice.

Soft Headbands V/s Hard Headbands

Soft headbands are an ideal pick for infants as they comfortably take the shape of the head. They are made with materials that are soft or semi-stiff and doesn’t hurt the scalp.

Hard headbands are made with plastics and have definite shape. They often come with pointed teeth that keep the hair band in place. They are good for growing girls as these teeth can hurt the scalp if not taken care of.

Size or Circumference

Picking the right size is extremely important. The infant headband should neither be very tight nor very loose on the head of the baby as in both the cases, the baby will not feel comfortable. Therefore, go for the hair bands that are elastic in nature so that they can adjust as per the head of the little one. If you are buying a hard headband then always measure the circumference of the baby’s head before purchasing one.


Simple baby headbands are the best choice. If you go with headbands with embellishments then make sure that they are sewed to the band properly. Best baby headbands for parties are those which come with flowers made with fabrics or bows or ribbons as they don’t come with chances of choking. Headband studded with lots of pearls and diamonds are often considered very risky.

Picking the Color

Well some mothers would want to pick perfectly matching baby girl hair accessories whereas some would want just a few baby bow headbands and keep it sorted. Well, in both the scenarios, going for neutral colours like white, black, beige, brown, gold a safe choice.

Patterns and Styles

Hair bands handmade with crochet patterns are always a good choice. They are soft and come with different patterns. You can also go for lovely floral headbands in different colours. Infant bow headbands, tiara headbands are also few more choices. Depending upon the occasion, you can select the pattern and style.

These are some of the points which are very helpful in shopping the best infant headbands for your darling diva.

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