Useful Tips for Safe Fireworks and Happy Diwali Celebrations for Kids

Diwali, the enticing festival of lights, brings along moments of happiness and togetherness. This amazing festival lasts for almost a week. Children are more excited than adults as they enjoy shopping for new clothes, fireworks and presents from their loved ones.

Kids start burning crackers much before Diwali as this is the biggest enjoyment for them. But sometimes, the celebrations of Diwali are spoiled because of unfortunate accidents while fireworks. Bruises and burns, loss of eyesight are some of the most common accidents that happen on Diwali and kill all the fun and moments of joy. In most of these accidents, children are involved because seeing crackers, they get crazy and in this excitement, they often end up hurting themselves. Most of the times, lack of adult supervision at the time of fireworks leads to unfortunate injuries.

It is extremely important to take proactive safety measures on Diwali while burning crackers, especially with children, so that Diwali is always a Happy Diwali for them. It is the duty of the parents and adults in the house to always be around when children are engaged in fireworks and be vigilant with what they are up to. Kids get carried away with fun of burning crackers because of which their focus is just on crackers and they forget the rest of the world.

Safety Tips for Kids for Firework

This post brings some very important and useful safety tips for Diwali celebration for fireworks with kids. With these guidelines, you can control any such accident to happen on the festival and also keep your kids and your family safe.

Always Supervise

When children are lighting fireworks, adults in the house must supervise them. You must instruct children not to burn crackers where there are no adults with them. With this one precaution, you can easily keep the situation under control.

Light Crackers Outside

Always make children burn crackers outside the house. You must guide them to never light fireworks inside as it is very damaging.

Teach Them How to Light Fireworks

You must teach them to hold crackers at a distance from their body. It is important to teach them how to burn crackers. For instance, you should tell them to light flower pots and chakras on flat and even surface. Rockets must be lighted  only on open grounds as they can cause serious accidents. Teach them to stay at a proper distance from the cracker while lighting it.

Keep Water and Medical Aid Handy

For emergency situations, always keep water bucket ready. You must also keep burn ointment, toothpaste or aloe vera gel handy so that you don’t have to search for it if an unfortunate accident takes place.

Dress Kids Easy, Don’t Miss on Shoes

Do not let your child light firework wearing satin, nylon or silk clothes. If there are any hanging embellishments or fabrics in his or her dress, you must change your kid into simple cotton clothes in which the child can run with ease. Clothes should be well fitted and comfortable. Keep fashion aside while burning crackers. Also make your baby wear closed footwear.

Keep Firework Area Clean

Make sure that the place where kids are going to burn crackers doesn’t have any inflammable material around. Clean if there is anything risky.

Use Water Bucket to Discard

Train children to put all the used fireworks in water bucket. This would save them and others from hurting their feet by stepping on them.

Always Use Candle

Make your kids always use candles to light fireworks instead of matchsticks. This will help them maintain a proper distance.

Useful Instructions to Give Kids

  • Don’t let them bend over fireworks.
  • Don’t let them burn crackers in hand.
  • Don’t let them use used fireworks
  • Don’t let them keep crackers in their pockets
  • Don’t let them approach fireworks when in doubt
  • Don’t let the throw fireworks at people

With these tips and instructions for kids, you can make it a happier and safe Diwali for your kids. It is very important as parents that we train our children about burning crackers and things to do and things to avoid while lighting fireworks. Proper vigilance and presence is of utmost importance to prevent accidents on festival.

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