Best Ideas for Decorating the House this Diwali for Kids

Diwali house decoration Ideas for Kids

We all love decorating our houses on Diwali to welcome Goddess Laxmi and to embrace prosperity and happiness. We buy new things and furnishings to give a new and beautiful look to our spaces. Celebrating Diwali with kids is all the more fun and decorating the house for them brings more joy. You can have your children help you in setting up your house.

This post brings best Diwali decoration ideas in India which are super easy and super wonderful. These DIY Diwali decor ideas with kids help you keep your little minds busy in learning something new and later you can also flaunt their wonderful creative artwork to your guests. So let us know what these DIY Diwali decor ideas are…

Chocolate Floral Decoration for Children

Chocolate Floral Decoration for Children You can use floral moulds to make chocolates at home with your children. Wrap them in beautiful, vibrant packaging and use them for decoration in your house for a unique look.

Diwali Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli design Diwali is incomplete without colorful rangoli. Use your kids as assistants in drawing Rangolis in different parts of your house. For easier Rangoli, you can use stencils using which even kids can do a wonderful job.

Lamp Out of Paper Cups

diwali Lamp Out of Paper Cups There are various ways of making lamps out of paper cups which you can start making much before Diwali and use them on the festival inside your house to light up your ambiance in a beautiful way.

Egg Carton Lamps

diwali Egg Carton Lamps Color and cut the egg cartons to create attractive lights for your house. Your kids can assist you with the paint as it is very simple and hang them on windows or corners of your room.

Balloon Twine Lights

Balloon Twine Lights Creatively designed balloon twine lights look awesome. You can have your kid help you design these beautiful balloon lights which light up spaces in the most innovative fashion and look very classy.

Diwali Toran

Diwali Toran decor Toran is always considered very auspicious in Indian houses and on Diwali we hang new Torans on the entrances. This season go with DIY handmade torans made using craft materials.

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings Decoration Have your children make wall hangings with you using flowers, mirrors and other embellishments. You can use paper or cloth as the base and decorate it nicely to hang it on the walls.

Diwali Paper Lantern

Diwali Paper Lantern Using DIY tips to make paper lanterns you can design these lights in different shapes and sizes. For sure, it is going to be an amazing learning experience for your kids.

Balloon Decoration for Diwali at home

Balloon Decoration for Diwali at home If you want to keep it simple then you can decorate your house with colorful balloons to bring alive the festive feel in the house. Don’t hesitate on adding ribbon frills to match up the look.

Diwali Diyas Arts & Crafts

Diwali Diyas Arts & Crafts for kids You can begin in advance decorating diyas for Diwali. Paint them with different colors by drawing flowers and other traditional patterns. You can even use ceramics and mirrors as add ons.

Diwali Footprints

Diwali Footprints Diwali footprints are considered very auspicious and you can always have your kids make them for you using their fists. They will love this activity for sure and they would be more than happy to help.

Indian Sari Paper Dolls

Indian Sari Paper Dolls If you have a girl then you can make her sit with you to make simple paper dolls for this special occasion. You can later color these dolls and paste them on walls and they will look truly amazing.

DIY Diwali Gift Bowls for kids

DIY Diwali Gift Bowls for kids Diwali is the time to give gifts and you can have them decorated with the help of your child. You can have simple paper mache bowls decorated with ribbons and other motifs for an extraordinary look.

Holy Decoration

Holy Decoration You can have your house decorated with Swastik, Om, pictures or idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. There are various cuts outs in markets to use or simply paint them your way to use as a decorative piece.

Potpourri Home Decor

Potpourri Home Decor Have the vases and decoration bowls in your living area filled with colorful fragrant potpourri. This would add a classy touch to your ambiance and will also leave it with a soothing fragrant.

Paper Roll Tubes Fireworks

children Paper Roll Tubes Fireworks You can make your own safe and fun fireworks by using paper role tubes. Kids would surely enjoy making these fireworks as crackers are their first love on this festival.

Old CD Decorative

Star Birthday Party Theme If you have old CDs lying in your house then you can use them for decoration by making wall hangings out of them. Paste flowers on them, use ceramics to use your designing skills and hang them in your house.

With these ideas for decorating the house in India on Diwali, you can surely do a wonderful job!!!

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