Dos and Don’ts of Celebrating Diwali with Your Kid

Celebrating Diwali with your kids

Diwali celebrations are the happiest and most memorable times that you spent with your family. If you have young children‎ in your family then there is lot of fun and frolic on this special festival. New clothes, traditional sweets, fire crackers and lots of entertainment are on the menu for Diwali. But with small children around, you need to extra careful and cautious so that there is no hurdle in your celebrations.

This article focuses on dos and don’ts to be kept in mind as a parent to make it a more secure Diwali for your kids. So know these points and enjoy the festival with great fun.

Dos of Celebrating Diwali with Kids

  • Follow the Routine

When your kids are small then they demand extra care and attention. Make sure that during the busy festive schedule you don’t compromise with their routine. From bath to food and sleep, everything needs to be on time or else your child might get cranky. It is very important to make him sleep in the day time so that he stays fresh and charged to enjoy the festival.

  • Comfortable Clothing

It is important that you dress your kid in easy and comfortable clothing. It is important that the dress fits him perfectly. You can make him wear traditional Indian attire but make sure that you keep it simple. Too many embellishments, tassels and stoles can make him feel uncomfortable. They will also be a hindrance while burning crackers.

  • Accompany Him For Burning Crackers

Never let your child go alone for burning crackers. It is important that some adult should accompany him so that he can burn them safely.

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes

Make your kid wear comfortable shoes which can cover his feet properly. Fashionable shoes are not advised while burning crackers as they can are not comfortable and pose a risk of burning the skin.

  • Keep First Aid Kit Ready

First aid kit with all necessary ointments, antiseptics, band-aid etc. must be kept ready. In case, there is some accident you can immediately control the situation.

  • Purchase Crackers From a Reputed Store

It is important that you must purchase all crackers from a reputed store. Quality of crackers is really important to ensure a happy and accident-free Diwali. Do not compromise on quality and keep your child safe.

  • Keep Crackers Away From Cracker Burning Area

You must make sure that all the crackers are kept at a safe place, away from fire. Keeping them close to the cracker burning area can increase the chances of accidents.

  • Wash Hands and Eyes After Burning Crackers

Always make your kid wash his eyes and hands after he has burnt the fire crackers to wash away all the dirt and smoke.

Don’ts of Celebrating Diwali with Children‎

  • Light Crackers Barefoot

Never let your child go out for burning crackers barefoot. It can surely be very damaging for them.

  • Fiddle With Diyas

Diyas are the most important decorative items on Diwali. Make sure that your child doesn’t play around with oil-filled diyas or burning diyas. Keep them at places which are not easily accessible for your child.

  • Ignore a Small Burn

Never ignore a small burn. Always address to the smallest injury. Put cold water or ice on it and apply ointment over it. Immediate attention to the burn will make sure that it doesn’t turn into a serious injury.

  • Dispose of Waste in Open

Do not just leave the leftovers of phuljhari on the ground. Always dispose them in a water bucket to avoid accidents.

  • Too Much of Chocolates and Sweets

Sweets and chocolates are the best things of Diwali for kids but excess of everything is bad. You must watch out that your child doesn’t indulge in chocolates and over eat sweets. It will upset his health.

  • Hold Crackers Close

Do not let your kid hold fire crackers close to his face. Tell him to keep them at a distance of three feet or so to prevent burns and irritation.

These are some of the most important points which must be kept in mind if you have a child in the house. These dos and don’ts will ensure a wonderful and safe Diwali for your kid.

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