Tips to Wear Safe and Fashionable Baby Clothes for Diwali

Tips to wear safe kids Baby clothes for Diwali

Diwali is all about celebrations, parties and enjoyment. Each one of us dresses up in the best of our clothes to add on to the zeal of this festive occasion. If it is your baby’s first Diwali then it is extremely important that you pick right pair of clothes for him to make sure that he looks smart and is also safe from fireworks.

If you wish to know how to celebrate safe Diwali with your children by dressing him right then in this post, we have included some do’s and don’ts of celebrating Diwali in context of clothing. Use these guidelines to dress your baby right for Diwali.

Tips on Safe Clothes for Babies on Diwali

Be particular with the fabric

This is the first and the foremost thing you must look into. Do not dress up your little one in any synthetic fabric. Well, the most comfortable and safest choice of fabric is cotton which doesn’t hurt the baby skin and is extremely safe for this occasion. Anything synthetic or flowy can invite more risk on the festive occasion. Fabrics like chiffon, georgette etc. easily catch fire and must be avoided.

Don’t pick anything loose or long

It is important that the dress you are picking for your child fits him nicely. By this we mean that you must dress your little one in fitted clothes. Moreover, you must also make sure that the length of the dress is comfortable so that it doesn’t interfere while walking. Anything loose will always be a hurdle in their movement and will also lead to chances of falling or hurting themselves in some way or the other. For instance, picking fitted leggings for girls is always better than loose salwars.

Keep it simple

Whatever dress you pick for your child, keep it simple. There is no point loading your little one with a heavy dress in which he cannot enjoy the festival and all his concentration is gone in managing his clothes. Simple dress is what should be your focus over a gaudy and heavy one.

Drop anything hanging

If there is a dupatta with the lehenga or stole with sherwani then it is extremely important that you ask your kid to put it aside while burning crackers or while doing pooja. And the best would be that you select a dress which doesn’t require teaming up these kinds of attachments which come with lots of risk.

Avoid too many embellishments

Another important thing with clothing is to keep it simple. If there are too many embellishments on the dress then it is not only uncomfortable for your child but it also takes away all this attention. So, always go with clothes that come with no unnecessary embellishments.

Other Useful Tips for Diwali

  • Go with shoes which are completely covered so that those baby feet are completely protected while burning crackers. Sport shoes are the best choice and chappals should be avoided in any case.
  • Always tie your baby girl’s hair into a ponytail or headband. This would keep her hair in place so that she can focus on crackers without damaging her hair. Don’t ever let the hair lose.
  • Always be around when children are burning crackers to supervise them and guide them.

With these tips, you can always dress your child in the most fashionable and comfortable clothes which will keep him safe and secure on the most awaited festival of the year.

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