Tips on How to Celebrate a Safe Holi with your kids

Celebrate a Safe and Eco Friendly Holi Tips for Kids
Safe Holi Tips for Kids

Holi is a festival of colors and joy. This is the most favorite festival celebrated by all especially children. Children are very excited about the festival and start planning how to celebrate this festival well with their friends. This is a fun-filled occasion for the entire family. It is important to plan well for Playing a Safe Holi with Kids. Take good safety precautions for your child. Use eco-friendly Holi colors to have a safe Holi. Guide your kids to play a safe and fun-filled Holi and make your festival a very memorable one.

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Tips to celebrate a safe and healthy Holi with your Child

Children can’t wait to splash water on each other, smear colors on the face and throw water balloons on each other. You have to keep an eye on your child, to make sure they colors don’t enter into their eyes or they don’t swallow the colored water. It could be dangerous for your child. You have to take good care and be cautious, so that your child have a fun-filled Holi. We have some tips for you to have a safe Holi for your child.

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Tips for Babies:

  • Keep your baby indoors so that the noise and the colors don’t disturb you baby. If the colors are inhaled, it could be harmful and cause allergies.
  • Keep colors, intoxicants and other food away from your baby.
  • Feed your baby from time to time and put her to sleep. When basic needs are taken care your baby will be more comfortable with strangers and noise.
  • Cover your baby properly with clothes, so that colors don’t stick to your baby’s skin.
  • Keep your baby from getting wet since it will put him at high risk of catching a cold. Even if your baby is a little wet, cold air can make him hazardously sick.

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Tips for Toddlers

  • Use organic colors or colors made from vegetable dyes or homemade colors for your toddler to play. They are safe on skin.
  • Make sure your toddler is away from the Holi havan (bonfire).
  • Make your toddler wear comfortable clothes, so that they don’t trip and fall when they are running.
  • Teach your toddler how to use the color pistol and how to sprinkle colors.
  • Teach and instruct your child to keep his eyes and lips closed while playing with water colors.
  • Apply coconut oil or a petroleum jelly to your toddler’s body. This will safeguard your toddler’s skin. You can easily wash these colors also from his body.
  • Keep your toddler away from intoxicating drinks
  • Be proactive and keep your family doctor’s number handy and also the first aid box.

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Tips for Children

  • Avoid using water balloons for playing Holi. Its fun to splash water balloons on the face, but it is dangerous too. This can lead to serious injuries and harm to eyes and face.
  • It is always safe to have your child to wear goggles, as they protect eyes. This will prevent the color from entering eyes.
  • Apply coconut oil to your child’s body. This will help to protect your child’s skin and colors can be easily washed off.
  • Organic colors are also can be harmful when they enter into mouth. Teach your child to play safe and close eyes and lips while colors are smeared or splashed.

Make your Holi a very memorable on by celebrating with your babies, toddlers and children by following some simple tips.

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