Unique and Unusual Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids in India

Unusual Christmas Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is something which is loved by all the kids in India. They love to dress up differently in smart costumes and enjoy the party in their special look. With Christmas on its way, it is a time when everyone is planning for fancy dress parties for children. Every child wants to wear something unique and unusual to the celebration which can get him all the attention by helping him stand out of the crowd.

If you are also looking for beautiful fashionable attires for your children to dress them up smartly for Christmas fancy dress parties in India then don’t worry as this article brings to you an interesting and vivacious range of costume options that will help you pick nothing but the best. Choose from funky reindeer costumes to cute Santa Claus dresses for your children and design a completely exclusive and stylish look for him. Let us have a quick look at some of these costume ideas that make up for the best choice.

My First Christmas Baby Outfit

My First Christmas Baby Outfit, Christmas Onesie

My First Christmas Baby Outfit

Spruce up the Xmas celebrations for your little ones with adorable My First Christmas onesie baby girl and boys in the toddler Christmas outfit collection. Dress them up in the best of My First Christmas outfit 0-12 months made with love to make this holiday season super stylish for them.

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Baby Girl Christmas Outfit

Baby Girl Christmas Outfit, Christmas Dress India

Baby Girl Christmas Outfit India

Celebrate this festive season with fabulous my first Christmas outfit girl. She is going to win every heart dressed in beautiful newborn baby Christmas dress that is just perfect for the occasion. Let her shine bright in baby’s first Christmas outfit newborn girl.

Christmas Cracker Costume

Baby Christmas Cracker CostumeYou can always dress your baby in the unique cracker costume in red and golden color. This is a cute and unusual idea to design a completely different look for your little one. This candy shaped cracker will surely make him look like the most stylishly dressed kid in the fancy dress party on the festival in India.

Reindeer Costume

 Reindeer Costume kidsChristmas is incomplete with reindeers. You can always dress your little boy or girl in brown and white colored reindeer costume which comes with brown horns for a perfect look on Christmas. This is a really funky and funny attire to wear for fancy dress competition to your friend’s birthday party and stand out in the crowd.

Christmas Tree Outfit

childrens Christmas Tree OutfitAnother very interesting outfit on the occasion of Christmas fancy dress party in India is the Christmas tree outfit which is simply awesome and stylish. You can dress your little baby girl in a velvet dress in dress with a matching pointed hat to create a beautifully decorated tree which fits her perfectly fine. Her legs would act as the trunk of the tree.

Roasted Turkey Costume

Kids Roasted Turkey CostumeThe most favorite food during Christmas celebrations is turkey. So dressing up your kid in a roasted turkey costume is surely a unique and unusual idea. You can make your child wear an inflatable costume in beige color in shape of a turkey. This is one of the cutest and smartest fancy dress which no one can think of. So if you want to win a price, go for it.

Sheep Costume for Kids

Christmas Sheep Costume childSheep is another animal which gets lots of attention on this festival. You can always make your boy or girl get into the skin of a white furry sheep in off-white color. This is a very cute, comfortable and easy way of dressing up for fancy dress on this festival and look amazingly smart.

Gingerbread Skin Suit

toddler Gingerbread Skin SuitYou can also have your kid dressed in a smart brown colored gingerbread skin suit which will cover him from head to toe. This is very simple and plain attire for fancy dress but it also very elegant and easy to put on. You don’t need to do anything extra but just get into this skin suit and you are ready in two minutes.

Snowman Costume For kids

toddler Snowman CostumeSnowman has always been the favorite of all the kids. On Christmas, kids make cute snowman using the snow. You can also have your child dressed in an inflatable white colored snowman costume. To complete the look, you can make him wear a black hat and a red and green colored muffler. Surely, your child will get all the limelight in the party with his cute bouncy attire.

Jesus Robe Costume

childrens Jesus Robe CostumeIf your baby boy or girl has long hair then dressing them in a simple robe worn by Jesus is an interesting ideas for fancy dress on the occasion of Christmas. You can find a light colored robe, preferably in beige color and then let his or her loose. Also wrap a shawl around his or her shoulder to complete the look.

Santa Claus Costume

Kids Santa Claus CostumeSanta Claus costume might not be something unique and unusual but it is something which cannot be missed on the occasion of Christmas. Go for the velvety attire in bright red color with furry white ends. Do not forget the cap or the beard as this will add more precision to your child’s dressing and he may win the best costume price. Make sure you include the best of the details in it so that your child looks unique and exceptional.

Penguin Attire

toddler Penguin AttireThe last but not the least idea for fancy dress could be a penguin outfit. Dressing your child in black and white penguin body suit is truly unusual and stylish. The yellow shoes and gloves with matching beak will make your kid look like a real human penguin.

These are some of the most unusual and best ideas for fancy dress on Christmas. Choose any of these to dress your kid in the most amazing costume that can win him all the points at the party.

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