How to set up a sleep schedule for your twins?

sleep schedule for twins

They say two is better than one. But trust not always! Twins are a handful. No doubt they seem like the most beautiful mirror on earth, but they sure give you hard time if you do not deal with them well. A fact about premature twins is that they sleep more frequently compared to fully developed ones but not for long. It is okay to let them go on snooze mode if they are on a proper diet. But there is always one baby that cries the most and initiate most problems. Healthy parenting tips are all that comes into use then.

Here are a few tips to help parents develop a sleep routine for their twins for easy upbringing:

  • Feed both of them at the same time. It is natural. If they eat at the same time, they will feel drowsy at the same time too. Leave them in the open (of course under your supervision) and let them play on their own. Once they feel drowsy carry them to their crib and let them sleep.
  • Twins are co-sleepers. Make them sleep on their backs side-by-side at the same crib. They automatically learn to roll over, most probably around two to four months.
  • Yes it is very hard to wake up a sleeping baby, especially for mothers when they see theirs angels sleeping peacefully. But if one is awake before the other, you gotta be strong and wake the other one two. Put this habit into practice for a few days and you will find the babies fitting into their schedule to bring you some peace.
  • Try to make a crisp bedtime routine for your kids. This is because if both do not sleep at the same time, none sleep at all. Make a bed time atmosphere for them. Use tactics like routine bath time, dim lights, play lullabies, read books, and cozy before-bed feedings.

Getting started with bedtime routine

  • Wait till your baby is six to eight weeks old.
  • Create a calm routine to prepare your babies for a pleasant nap time.
  • Ask your husband for a helping hand because you are bound to fall short of hands. Joint families are best in this matter.
  • If you feel comfortable, you may also hire a full-time, live-in maid or part-time maid to help you in household chores so that you can focus on your babies.
  • Make your babies stick to the bedtime routine even on weekends so that the habit and flow doesn’t stop.
  • Once your twins get used to the routine, they will automatically adapt themselves and trouble you less.

Method of swaddling

  • You must have seen mothers wrap their babies in a cotton sheet for a comfortable and cozy sleep. While some enjoys it some don’t.
  • Make enough room for babies to be able to move and bend their hips and knees freely, least they face hip dysplasia.

Making twins fall asleep

  • First few weeks are very easy as they fall asleep without must trouble. Once they are six to eight weeks old, you will have to develop a good sleep routine for them.
  • Put your babies in the cot while they’re drowsy. Or breastfeed them on your arms to sleep and then gently transfer them to their crib.

Choosing which one to attend first

  • If one of your babies is a screamer and the other is calmer, you may be tempted to tend to your crying baby first. Before you focus on the screamer, make sure your quiet one is happy and settled.
  • It is okay to let the twins share the same crib as most twins do not seem to be bothered by the other. What more? Same cots make them have fun with each other. It is always mesmerizing to see them crawl up to each other or such each other’s hand or sleep peacefully on each other’s arm.

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