6 Tips for Buying Summer Clothes From Store Clearance Sale

Kids Summer Clothes sale

When you are out and you see a big red colored clearance sale board on your favorite clothing store, what more can you ask for. This is one of the most irresistible sights when you want to just get inside the store and start shopping for the most desirable baby clothes, that too at lesser price. If you wish to make the best use of the clearance sales in India then read these 6 important summer kids clothes buying tips which can actually help you have the best of the clothes. With these guidelines, you will surely be able to save yourself from making a wrong purchase. So read on and find out how you can benefit yourself from clearance sales at stores.

1. Be Patient: Wait for two months

As far as retail goes, showrooms are interested in showcasing the latest and most fashionable apparels in their shelves. And as time passes by, the merchandize on the mannequins goes to shelves and then to end aisles. Within duration of 6-8 weeks, the prices go down as no shop owner can afford to have old stock in his store eating up the expensive shelf. Moreover, during this span, most of the pieces of a particular design are sold out which means there are only a few pieces left and which is the reason they are shifted to clearance section which is at the back of the store. So if you are not someone who wants to buy latest, wait of a couple of weeks can actually make a big difference.

2. Be Inquisitive: Always ask

It so happens that if we are unable to find our size on the shelf, we leave the store without making a purchase. But a smart shopper is the one who always enquires. If you are not able to find what you want, you must approach a sales person at the store and ask him if that particular piece is available at some other outlet or if it can be arranged. A good sales person would always try to keep the sale in-house and for that he will make sure that you are satisfied. So never assume and always ask for assistance. You never know you might just find the piece you fell in love with.

3. Be an Early Bird: Shop on Thursday

As the weekend is about to approach, all stores start preparing for it. Thursday is the day when the old merchandise is marked down and new merchandise is placed on the front shelves. If you shop on Thursday, you can treat yourself with better selection of clothes which might not be the case on weekends when everybody is shopping. Get your hands on the best selection just by being a day early. This way you would also be able to save on your time and energy and also have the best thing shopped.

4. Be Smart: Take advantage of end of season

If you want the best deals, you must shop end of season. Usually retail stores sell clothing that is a couple of months ahead of the weather which means you can buy in advance for the coming season by taking the advantage of end of season sale. For most fashionable baby summer clothing, you can shop in September and have an exclusive addition to your wardrobe for coming summers. So be smart and be prepared to shop in advance for the next season.

5. Be Aware: Know the return policy

It is extremely important that before shopping anything from clearance, you are aware of the return policy so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself. You can get an amazing deal but what if the apparel doesn’t fit you right and you cannot return it. So first check the return policy before making a purchase. And if you there is no return, no exchange then buy only those clothes that you are very sure of. Do not take any stupid risk. Know all the terms and conditions before engaging in the purchasing process and once you are clear about these terms, you can shop using your head to make it a worthy experience.

6. Be Intelligent: Know when avoid shopping

It is very important to know when you are buying and what you are buying. If you shop too early or you shop in a wrong month, your purchase can turn out of be a complete loss.

All of these tips are very helpful in buying the best summer kids clothes from clearance sale. So next time when you see a SALE board at your favorite store, take few deep breaths and follow these useful guidelines which promise an amazing and rewarding shopping experience.

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