10 Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Your Baby in Indian Wedding

Your buff is getting married and it is a very special day for you. You have thousands of things on your mind and if you are a mother to a little baby then you have more arrangements to make. You are sorted with shopping, clothes and everything else to make this day a more special, a memorable one. But to make sure that you don’t have it messed up, you really need to do some extra preparations if you are bringing baby to wedding reception.

We bring you the best ideas for babies at weddings to make sure that their mothers enjoy the special occasion. If you are bringing your 5 month old to wedding then this post is of great help to you. This post on babies at weddings etiquettes can surely make things a lot comfortable to you. This is like preparing yourself beforehand so that you and your baby can enjoy the functions without any problems.

Pack These Things for Your Baby for Indian Wedding Reception

Let us have a quick look at these 10 important things which every mother should have on her mind if you are taking your baby to the wedding reception.

1. Few Extra Clothes

Extra Clothes for babyBabies are unpredictable. You surely need to pack pair of extra clothes for them as they might end up messing up their dress while playing, while eating. Don’t forget to carry a couple of dresses so that you can comfortably change your baby into fresh pair of clothes as and when needed. This will keep your baby fresh and your mood in place.

2. Toys to Keep Them Busy

baby Toys to Keep Them BusyTo keep the baby busy and occupied, you must remember to pack their favorite toys. Though there will be lots of people to play with your little one but to make sure that the baby is entertained all the time, it is important to have his or her soothers and toys packed in the bag to avoid those cranky moments.

3. Handy Food Items

baby Handy Food ItemsIf you are carrying an infant then food is sorted as you just need to give him breastfeed or have some top feed but if you have a toddler, you must remember to pack some handy and healthy foods along. To keep it simple, you can pack some crackers, dry fruits, grapes etc. which are not only easy to eat but are also loved by kids.

4. Some Extra Nappies and Baby Wipes

Nappies and Baby WipesYou just cannot afford to miss on carrying extra diapers for your baby to make sure that comfortably change the diapers every 3-4 hours without having to bother about any kind of leakage or smell. Also make sure that you carry along baby wipes and powder to keep your baby fresh and happy.

5. Sterilized Baby Feed Bottles With Top Feed

Baby Feed BottlesHaving sterilized bottles makes a situation a lot easier and if you have top feed along with them then you are surely at ease. Every second or third hour, you need to feed your baby. With sterilized bottle and top feed, you can avoid having your baby in a cranky situation. With everything ready, as soon as you know that your baby is hungry, you can quickly feed him.

6. Water in Baby Sipper

Water in Baby SipperDon’t forget to carry a baby sipper with water. Because it is water and you can find it anywhere, don’t move out with this notion in mind. Make sure you have everything ready so that you can give your baby his sipper from time to time. This will also work as a savior when you are preparing his top feed.

7. Baby Blanket

Baby BlanketTo make sure that your baby sleeps comfortably, you must also pack his blanket. Especially if it is a winter wedding then you need to have your baby’s blanket on to keep him warm and protected from cold.

8. Pram for the Baby

baby PramTo keep it easy and comfortable, you must also carry your baby’s pram along as babies don’t like to stay at one place and they also want to go where their mommy is going. A pram would ensure smooth movement for you and your baby without you getting tired. Moreover, a baby can easily sleep as and when he wants when he is in his pram. Though you might find it a hassle to carry a pram but it is surely worth it.

9. Simple and Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable baby ClothingMake sure that you dress up in simple and comfortable dress. Avoid clothes with too much of embellishments and work as they will not only attract your baby’s attention but there are more chances of your baby getting hurt. So keep it simple and classy.

10. Say No To Heels

Say No To HeelsHeels surely look gorgeous with beautiful Indian wedding dresses but if you are mommy, you need to be practical. Say no to heels as they will not only hurt your legs but will also make you very uncomfortable while carrying your baby. Remember your motto is to enjoy the wedding and heels might ruin the function.

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